I have this obsession with the number 7. I pour my water for 7 seconds, I wash my face  and count to 7 slowly , I read 7 pages of a book before i take a break to talk to people or use the bathroom. I also make 7 song playlist for family and friends wheneva i want to celebrate them, putting the tunes in a particular order ,which tells a story or defines energy. They say 7 is a “Holy Number”, if so you can see thru me. Here is  a list of my random Tuesday, 1/3/17, 10:02 am 7.


  1. The Red( instrumental)/Jaylib
  2. Landed/Curren$y
  3. Flyinglizrds/Knxwledge
  4. Think Twice/Erykah Badu ft Roy Hargrove
  5. I Wonder( instrumental)/Kanye West
  6. Immortal/Styles P
  7. C.D.P. Assassins Pt.5/Madlib

( I take order of playlist and sets very serious, my methods are scientific…)