*DreamTeam– A group of music friends who have exactly everything you want in a member. From style to musicality etc., down to perfect engineer and chef, even the dopest driver. The entire staff that gets the output you desire.12803126_10206716785252069_271194601304863617_n.jpg

* Good music ideas have to be played over and over to build a true RELATIONSHIP with the music. Having a band who understands this and proves their willingness towards this goal as the DReamTeam. Music played repeatedly over a span of time, takes a deeper shape and color potentially, especially if its dope from the start.

* the music is delicious, when an engineer can bring all elements to the present in a balance manner



ye-cudi-pat-dean-450x313.jpg YEezus Teamimages-1.jpg  The Wailers   1-wupFHn2aHMUw3Xf_kvFhIA.jpegPrince and Co.

  • the artist, the engineer, and producer’s relationship and the dynamic of how they all function together as a unit is vital to the outcome of the music.
  • Team members have to 1st believe in the project. The best quality in a producer is the ability to help without making it there own thing. When the artist needs help they we seek it and when we don’t a good producer or engineer wont give unwanted help or advice.


*I like the Phrases:

pop poetics”  My life real so i live it like a  champion/ this top rated niggas know bout the clan we in/ microphones and vintage bottles we do it big/ pop a nigga wit aim that disrespect my nig/ straight up-im wit a bad 1 we layed up/ the sage burning we stay blessed yeah we way up.. Aziz(me, O.Bey)

“abstract expressionist– Gary the Storyteller( my brotha and friend)

“harmonious groove partner- SB Band( the illest sound)


A Playlist: 1/11/17

1.Wayne Shorter/Atlantis

2.The Time/Cool

3.Michelle NdegeOcello/Love you Down

4. Nas/ Get Down

5.Mind and Matter/No 1 can do it like My Baby

6.Average White Band/T.L.C

7.Roy Ayers/Memory


*Eyes of the Heart- Keith Jarrettimgres-5.jpg

*Out to lunch is where I sit at- Aziz phrase

“Let the cross pollination of jazz and hip-hop continue”A-Tribe-Called-Quest-Album-Covers.jpgshades-of-blue-54f7e4b471dbc.jpgimages-4.jpgimages-5.jpgtumblr_static_tumblr_static_tumblr_m2uty95zx01qajb7oo1_r1_500_640.gif