I saw this at 8:13 and of course was calmly inspired. I do this kind of shit for the fuck of it all the time. I guess the different artist names and artist handwriting never fails to have me open to explore what I love best.

Everyone is of cousre entitled to there opinion on what there favorite albums are…the fact that I share some of these albums as my favorite of all time too, made me want to list mine, which is a hard thing to do. Im going to attempt it.

1. Sunlight/ Herbie Hancock


3.Midnight Marauders/ A Tribe Called Quest

4. Aquemini/ Outkast

5. Welcome to Detroit/ J Dilla

6. Catch a Fire/ Bob Marley and the Wailers

7. Only Built for Cuban Linx or Ironman/Raekwon and Ghostface

8. Illadelph Halflife/ The Roots

9. Edutainment/ BDP

10. MAma’s Gun/ E. Badu

I may have albums I like better than these or as much, however these albums without a doubt shifted me to a new man in the 1st seconds I heard the sounds come off it. Funny thing is Kweli has an album called Eardrum that actually is one of my favorite works of hiphop beyond some albums listed here, but it still aint top ten in that regard. I would say this is a good ten albums to be the personal best of all time for me.

Omari Bey/Aziz