I love 90’s R&B. The golden era of hiphop wouldnt have thrived without the presence of it. I think of all the gear I wanted to have as a youth, to feel inside the sounds I heard around me. To represent was what is was about and will always be about. I watched how females watched how us as men, combine our influences to build our personal styles. The 90’s hiphop and R&B were my parents, my mother and father.

I wanted a girl like this at 9 lol

Ive ben in this mood to represent for the ladies lately. Lets talk about the mother parent R&B. I loved many groups and artist of that era. From Mary J Brandy and Monica, 702, Escape, and of course Aaliyah. But SWV and Faith hit me in a very different way. I think its because my sista Ika listened to SWV classics early, and she was light skin, with date a fat black nigga potential, like Faith Evans. To have a girlfriend in the 90’s with gold hair was a thing, I did that proudly. Shout out to Faith. My baby muva name is Tekoah, we call her Koko. Shout out Coko from SWV. Its all 360.

Aint too many can take Michael Jackson classics and do whats suppose to be done. The song “Right Here” is a perfect example of that. This was the female partner for Nas’s classic “It Aint Hard to Tell”. This was a perfect example of this golden era type of marriage. As a kid I lived for this ceremony to occur.