And Today, even though I want to look in front of me, its cool to look back.

This message stood out to me today. The present past and future were all mentioned in this statement. Today, the days ahead, and the previous moments of before. This significant bird came immediately to my mind. Sankofa is a Ghanaian word from the Akan tribe which means reaching back to move forward. Its feet firmly planted forward, with its head turned backwards, which symbolizes how the past guides us for planning for the future. The Sankofa bird and the other symbols associated with it have played a major role in my life from then to now. I grew up performing with the Sankofa Drum and Dance Company and I called Haile Gerima, director of the classic independent film Sankofa, my uncle. So its only right this statement used to describe how one see’s art stood out to me.

Ajankus minus 2

the foundation

I dont hear folks speak of Sankofa in pop culture. This clip came to mind. Shout out QuestLover & Riq.