j_dilla_by_solo_rm.jpgJ Dilla 

Conscious Hood Representative

He is one of my favorite people, hands down. Im only a fan of Duke, Marley, Fela, and Dilla. We will build on the god in depth at a later date……. R.I.P-God Bless

One/Bob James

Press PLay and groove out to your visual movie.

The Willisau Jazz Festival

images-7.jpgimages-8.jpg images-9.jpg

in Wilisau, Switzerland

-one of the dopest festivals for the live jazz experience


*At the present moment some of the best jazz musicians are:images-11.jpgKamasi Washington

images-15.jpg Theljon Allen

 images-10.jpgJohn Zorn

J Dilla/ Look into HEr Eyes– this is the shit blasting as im posting. There isnt a beat of his that doesnt match some part of my life. Thank u Thank u Thank you

We always ben too real for tv

Aint to many niggas in the game real as TB

I told ya before – ova ten yrs ago

The facts still remain peep the story here we go

North ave the stomp ground – walbrook to b exact

Niggas would hawk clowns – they all shook we shared the gat

This was like 9 4, all my niggas holding crack

Young kids would shine more..me I was showing black 

is POWERFUL…….-Aziz(O.Bey)

Ornette Coleman – is said to be the man who started the concept of free jazz in 1959.



*Jazz was closely identified with the black liberation movement.What a wonderful soundtrack it was and is if we unleash our present truth thru composition.