Classic shit.

I was reading and listening to Dilla as i do. Came upon a chapter talking about Joni Mitchell. It said..she wasn’t a parrot a  pirate or a parody, but that she was a genre.OK

The Dilla beat goes off and then this Janet shit comes on and caught me in a flashback good moment of my youth. The era i started wearing fly shirts and jackets and listening to Roy Hargrove etc. I just coped a new speaker too, and i was eating fruit, so the warmth of the song is very suitable for the situation.

I mean, its Dilla Q tip and Janet wit the Joni sample 

or Janet Q tip and Dilla 

or howeva wit the Joni Mitchell Sample 

but its the fucking jam.

i think we all agree its a trend setter, mood speaking 

i don’t have to name how many were influenced…….

the styles, the imagery, the color tones from skin to there suites

all this happening wit Janet’s shadow and the barber shop scenes

-peeping yaself- amongst others expression of themselves

from the kid jumping on the couch in Tip’s verse, to the midget bartender

 all groovy

Black Xpression 

lol “let me jus fuck wit it for a minute.”Q tip

the camera mans edit afta that particular line is excellent …

the cat dancing jumps on edited rhythm and glow as Joni Mitchell’s sample plays  and the 2 lil dudes hug, with there eye opening moment,and its all caught in an on purpose dope edit 

are the little dudes twins?( but foreal are they?)

thanks ..(to whoeva shot it) for that visual opener before Q tip spittage moment

mama under that umbrella bad as shit lol, i wouldn’t mind being under that shower head wit her foreal foreal

Q tip and Janet was in love. good times caught on camera

I love looking at black faces

the midget, wateva animal that is behind the bar ,the Drum magazine, that makes me want to read it…, is just some dope shit

crowns wit the tassel and the suites.. ALL POWER!

WHERE ARE THEY?  wit this tv playing and swole eye boxer…

imagine using Janet’s mic in particular to do a rap show wit……., the actual venue,where they at? I wanna go

Definitely one of my favorite videos., best shot is when the bottle breaks against the bathroom wall to end the song

broken glass everywhere, we all can relate 

Till its Gone 

I know wat we had, i know it neva died 

 …real shit –Joni Mitchel mita lied

 .the vibe was fortified, blew the dirt off this record

this how we roll got ya hips on me its a blessing 

lets party like the last days, worldwide rocking wit the playlist

but make sure its A list…….gotta be the feeling , gotta b for healing 

home sweet home is the promise land and its so appealing …….-O.Bey (Aziz)