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This Picture brings alot to mind. My mother was and is a  social change activist my entire life. All the young people she worked with from many schools and neighborhoods up and down the tristate, have left an permanent imprint on my mind. They are forever remembered. This era i speak of is btw 87 and 94. I was born in 85. This era was hell on earth thru my eyes. Crack Cocaine was everywhere and young niggas had guns. This was the look I had in my expression, ready for action energy in a spiritual fight with my innocence. So many young black youth, especially young black males were tormented with the thoughts of survival. Its very deep. The anger and strife permeated thru the blocks like the stench of crack smoke and dead bodies. The shape of the red hat, lets me know it was the 80’s, more round shaped than boxed. We were white undershirts, but back then we wore any color that matched our sneaks or lids, it was cool then, not so much anymore lol. Young men still wore button ups and jeans that fit, but this pic represents the shift of fit to baggy,the beginning of carrying heavy weapons and having to have space to conceal them. The innocence changing to apathy. How could you care in a world that everyone was affected by drugs and violence. This isnt a picture of a thug, I grew up wit them too…but this young energy represents acceptance of shatan. The acceptance of confusion, the acceptance of the way things were. Willingly unwilling to not be an outkast and to accept what it means to b Dumb Deaf and blind because it jus was;plainly put, Easy to jus fit in and be apart of the majority, which was pure blatant destruction. The 80’s when Jay- Z was really young. Proud of this Guy for rising from the ashes and being the best leader he knew to be.`