While we continuously stay sculpturing bombs

Love unconditional greetings with opening arms

For my worthy niggas ima die trying for yall

Wit the blessings of an angels tear crying for yall

Back to the foundation taking u under

back where it all started wit a whole new beginning and a brand new hunger

starving to where my skin was suffocating my ribs

no we got bitches interior decorating my crib

touch the love i got like you holding my heart in ya hand

and watch me manifest the shit was all apart of the plan

the fashion that I choose to deal with this shit

sometimes its so hard to describe the passion that I feel for this shit

how many struggles I survived just to eat this meal

neva thought u met a nigga that could b this real

flipmode up in this bitch know let me make u aware

too late for turning back my nigga cus we taking it there- Busta Ryhmes


-I began to write out my favorite verses. Neva did this as a youth, i did ova shit lol. Now im grown and do youth shit, like rewrite my favorite verses for fun, while studying what i really was hearing as a teenager. I ben a street geek whole life,now im back to the foundation taking you under/ back where it all started wit a whole new beginning and a brand new hunger/…

Im actually living out Busta’s raps in real life. I highlighted stand out lines that i feel deep in my gut when i hear it see it or feel it and will continue to use this method wit otha verses i post. If the font is italic, my eye brow rose for it. If its bolder font, i relate to it personally in a deep way. If its bold and  italic, then the line made me so motivated, I almost might go outside and get into some turn up shit, lol. Deadass serious tho.


-This shit is crack. I heard this the first day it came out yrs ago,and still feel the same feeling today. The beat( DILLA), obvious classic Dilla bass, but the other atmospheric sounds and the knock create a serious zone. The light hihats, almost sounds like vinyl fizz, in rhythm.For me, anytime its jus knock and snare wit no or light hihats no other cymbal shit happening..its fucking serious, u can only spit like this. Who dont like hooks like this? Shit make my heart warm. I feel like a rock in the slingshot, ready to b sprung out of it. I remember seeing niggas u beefing wit, and jus hoping out the car, off the bus , or whateva and getting right to the rumble. This that kinna beat, this aint a game moment, life or death but the gods reign supreme. Poor righteous teachers who robbed dope dealers back in the day, and then rapped in a cyper bout it the same night, wit 50 niggas backing the hypeness. Me and my niggas used to b so fatigued out but one piece on that was supa fly, either the sneaks or the jacket or sweater, everything else was fatigue. The feel of the production is on the soundtrack to my genesis before i even heard the shit yrs ago.This beat is takin me to that era, fresh rugid niggas.