This is my favorite lighting. Maybe because the few yrs I performed, this was the tone the light guy would set. Ive done some great presentations with the room tones set wit this color.

I stumbled across this clip and felt good to see the last poet elders and others on the stage as the LOX  showed up. Their entrance was mature, respectful, and refreshing as was the message Styles P left. Basic information, but needed information for the lost 85. Styles has always been on a level of consciousness, so this is nothing new but it feels like he is at a clearer space to introduce others and be the baba he was called to be at this point of his life.

I’m proud of him and his brovas for not just supporting, but representing with him. We need more men that we all grew up watching, to be an example of what it means to b who u are but also progress your understanding of self. I appreciate the growth. Hopefully more to come.