Was in the crib thinking about the makings of an expert. Its levels to everything but it’s definitely more than talent that makes someone an expert. Typically, experts form a select group that know each other well and constantly discuss the power of new ideas. We are usually conservative by nature.Since I was child I was taught to be an expert without being told to be one. I would alienate myself when I heard harmonies and melodies that matched my everyday reality, and write. In between practicing a trumpet,tightening a djembe, or drawing a picture, or reading a book, i would listen to loud beats and write alot of different kinna shit. As I reflected, i thought of:

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-Originality vs. Style

-The Most Fabulous Legends..(the Gatekeepers)


-Duke Ellington

-J Dilla


-Work Ethic vs. Branding

Jazz is a good barometer of freedom in its beginnings. The United States of America spawned certain ideals of freedom and the independence through which, eventually jazz was evolved, and the music is so free that many people say it is the only unhampered, unhindered expression of complete freedom yet produced in this country Duke Ellington

Jazz is Sankofa. It shows where we have ben, where we are, and where we are going. A profound blend of freedom and creativity. A meditation and celebration of possibilities. An intense collective and personal psychological journey. A brain that has absorbed and witnessed the history of America. Omari Bey

images.jpg The Duke 

Linda Bryant– I heard she is the only African American gallerist and conceptual art curator in Tribeca,Manhattan.

220px-Linda_Goode_Bryant_by_David_Shankbone.jpgitumblr_ofbe29geum1rtaurro1_500I was feeling her hair OD.  She cares about her crown. So i posted it. She’s a pretty girl too, so why not. 


images.jpg  Saw a name, Marie Evans…Made me think of Omari and Evan. Im Omari, my close friends name is Evan. Lol, this photo may have something to do with us bro. Nice pose.

imgres.jpg  I wanna read this book.

7 Playlist:

1.La Femme Fatal/ Digable Planets– the sax, the mix, the mind is TIME, a horn rush- a bass flush. Classic to my soul

2.The 1st Garden/ Stevie Wonder-spooky but comforting.  Alice in WONDERland, sample bassline, Dope!

3.Sweet November/ Sza– LOve the arrangement &  re-occuring musical theme. Jesus called me collect lol. I Like her and her freckles. Nice lyrics.

4.Audio Dope 3/ Curren$y- my nigga 360. Think this my favorite audio dope too. Beat is my kinna shit. This would b very dope done live by the right band(SB). Laying low, highly enlightened tho.. Going in as usual.

5. Call on You/ Burning Spear– My Og’s. Wish i knew them personally. Roots Rock Reggea. My upbringing, Are u ready? I wanna be if im not. God make me Ready, shout out Mike Ware.

6. You Gotta Love it/ Nas- Hood shit. good carpet and jacuzzi’s in the projects. 94 95, and I loved it. Islamic gangstas. Nasir Jones. What u smell cooking  in the hood 4 am in the morning?

7. Swamp Thing/ Hiatus Kaiyote– Dope Band! Jabari Jefferson/ Diggin in the Stash, found this 1. I wanna be in the room as they recorded this one. What they talking bout tho?