The Live Show Intro.Dope shit.

-Ova This Classic Premo Sound

This joint still give me the chilly feeling. 

He aint start spittin till the shit was almost ova, lol. It was like 1:45 when the rhyme started. That made it iller for many reasons.

I knew it would be a short lived situation, so everything i would hear from son as a kid, i would cherish it, not even knowing he would die shortly after i was introduced to the voice. I felt like he had raw technique that other niggas jus ain’t have. He seemed mad regular at a time when niggas was all trying be on the same shit. Without knowing him personally, i felt he was real, and not just a real rapper, but a real man. Someone an everyday person could relate to and someone major cats could appreciate as well. His voice was golden and clear. His authenticity was the most evident i heard from Harlem or any other hood for that matter, at that time. He came, blessed us,and dipped out like he knew he wouldn’t b around long, so he spit 100% every time the mics was on and we fuck wit that. PUT YA L’s UP!!!

Big L, Rest in Peace.

You know the game plan

C-town thats my main man

we neva bring luggage, we go shopping when the plane land

still run wit the same clan/ use to be a Kane fan

everything i rock is name brand

L a make ya dame swallow

ya ice don’t shine and ya chain hollow 

while you front in clubs for hrs wit the same bottle

taking midget sips/I run wit the riches cliques

tap the thickest chics/plus drop the slickest hits

you know nothing about L/so don’t doubt L

whats this mothafuckin rap game witout L?

yo thats like jewels witout ice/ thats like china witout rice

or the holy bible witout Christ

or the Bulls witout Mike/or crackheads witout pipes

the village witout dykes/or hockey games witout fights

dont touch the mic is u unable to spit

Flamboyant is the label im wit

Mothafucka Big L