The Force MD’sr-392233-1289413827-jpeg-1   An interesting group of brothers…from Staten Island,NYC. 1981 new Jack swinging. Tender Love was that shit. The memories that song brings is deep emotionally. The chains, the hairdues, the drugs, the tone of the hood back then. Warm Danger.

Shout Out Changa Music and E the poet MCee. 2 brothers I love and admire for there passion and work. I walk a similar path, so its only right. My young OG’s.11205560_10155483347430162_9076286567739925504_n

Jazz=NO CATERGORY       Slavery Code=SLANG

Harmonious Groove Partner- Theljon ALLen 

 My nigga Theljon. My bro did it wit this 1. The background colors and the braclets. Repping the squad in a major way, and we thank you.perspective.jpg

Abstract Expressionist-16427718_1353968267957824_5084793237561288255_n.jpg  Stephanie Safiyatou Edwards- 1 of the most creative, out the box thinkers i personally know.We appreciate you. Im always low key waiting for whats next to come from her mind and im inspired by her work.

 Wayne Shorter/Native Dancer- (Whole Album)

Box Hotel 25.jpg 230371a_hb_a_001.jpgcaption.jpg   Box Hotel@ 77 Box St. $219 a night,a beautiful boutique Hotel. 1 of a kind, originally a window and door factory. Its very spacious with high ceilings, modern kitchen and flat screen tv’s.


OMG, Im really in love with her. I want to know SADE!!!

Enlightenment is Awakening images-25.jpg

As I live my artsy fartsy hood life, i neva forget jewels given and received. I walk with it on me as best i can, at all times. Im so thankful for the messengers.

-The Little things equal the big things. A million dollars doesn’t exist without 1 penny but 1 penny can exist without a million dollars.

The Chinese Musician

 44.chinese.musician.jpg  Heard they got good vegetarian food. Ill eat there and be the judge.


frida-kahlo_99pvx.jpg Yeah the earrings, and Im a fan of clothes and fabrics.

The Fugees and Ms Hill

I didn’t know she was a ballerina,lol.

Shalom Pizza In Brooklyn

margherita-pizza-2-1.jpg   MatildaWang - 05_905_905.jpg

-I don’t know what “hipster” means anymore. No one says, Im a hipster  but the most hipster thing is to deny being a hipster.

DUMBO Water-Street-by-night-DUMBO-Brooklyn.jpg41828725-dumbo-brooklyn-ny-usa-may-2014-gritty-waterfront-scene-in-dumbo-brooklyn-featuring-colorful-dumbo-gr.jpg  DOWN UNDER MANHATTAN BRIDGE OVERPASS

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop Focuses on just Poetry.imgres-1.png5637f7f3d63ce-photo6-1.jpg