James Brown

Its funky when you(James Brown) cant wait to let us feel that bridge. Usually bridges come in like mid song, this bridge came in at 1:50 seconds or some shit. Point being this is a  quick, to the bridge moment for sure. OMG. Fucks wit James yo.This shit is truly too funky. The horns answering the guitars and bass in perfect rhythm, on some basic shit. Basic intent is the funkiest i’ve learned. James shouting out the food is beyond funky. The trombones are the most Ellington sounding shit in funk music i ever think i heard. WTFFF, they moving like a vehicle thru traffic, switching lanes. I cant imagine the 60’s and the fun they most have had. I think of all my Og’s in they youth when i hear this one. The bridge to Make it funky has to b one of my most enjoyable grooves of all time. The horns are playing the notes short but still sitting on them round as a mafucha, lol. AN all around great experience of Black people in America. I told my sista, The bridge jus came on to James Brown,Make it funky…i almost broke my back when I hit that classic Omari dance step lol. Shit too funky..i can’t stop the neck bone( pork) action, I’m looking at candied yams( girls asses) bout to turn up( turnip greens)and it’s the best greens. It’s lit. Shout out Mama Rashida and Mr. Funn and all the Aunt Colletts and Calvert county family members who allowed me to understand the funk. 

Even music i really njoy to the fullest, doesnt mean im forced to move, but with James, there is no stoppin the body motion, even if it isnt physical, its evident your moving internally and there is no way to hide. God bless Him

There is and will only be 1 James Brown. Shit is Tooo funky, big payback jus came on, O shit…

imgres-15.jpg the big bro Ahmir. Dope Interviews and of course the playlist are my level. I njoy alot of platforms to interview great artist, but this station is definitely top 5. The character drawing is dead on, and we all saw it before it even existed. Thanks Quest.

The Chef

My nigga back and fresh as he should be.  Vintage NYC vibe. Classic Drums, and basic melody but heat. Off rip…….”Light that nigga feet up”lol, Rae wu shit.

I done blacked out, no man Is safe, u crew is cornered

Why did u think u could step ova me im too enormous

Plus I heard u an informant

Call bruce tell him roll out the plastic ima bout to catch a body on this

Fire first 4 bars. Who is Bruce? lol...I thought of my OG BRUCE,a and how that nigga would have brought me plastic, carpet weapons wateva i need. WOrd.

AMongst KRS, Mos and Kweli, Black Thought, Nas, Rae is up there with my favorite of all time FOR FUCKING SURE!!! 

I love this nigga here. Salaams and Salute.

Abstract Expressionist:

Gaia Earthpeace

SHe is one of my dopest friends. Her wisdom and unjudgmental heart makes her a strong goddess.Her Art thru raps and fashion is some of the rawest uncut ill shit ull get, trust me. Gaia absorbs all the finest traits from the elders and shares them with the community everyday, and we all appreciate her for sharing her gifts. Righteous turn up at its pure core. SistaEarthpeace.com. Can i be like u when i grow up?


Harmonious Groove Partner:

Traum Diggs

Righteous thinker, hard worker, dope lyricist, brother, friend, motivator, visionary, etc etc. Guess folks say similar things about me, lol. Thats why he’s one of my  strong “harmonious groove partners”. He’s like the big bro i neva had. I think of the song “We Gon Make it”by Styles P and Jada, alot in ya presence. We spinning vinyl and the eats is ital…….my nigga right here. Lets make history!


Karriem Riggins– Drummer/Producer

DSC0084-e1478057282410-1.jpeg  I assume all artist like colors. I love records, and look forward to the day i can organize mine to this level. I almost got killed in a jacket the same color as this and i will never forget. Im also in love wit frames, not saying these are so dope but u know…u get it lol. Everytime i see this photo, i wanna go home and start diggin and listening. Inspiration. I see where i ben and where i must go form the photo.

CS2464111-02A-BIG.jpg  Peanut Butter Wolf

Check out the doc if u havent.

HR from the legendary group Bad Brains

I hear he is having surgery on his brain. He’s ben having bad headaches and weird things happening for sometime now and it has finally got to the point of surgery. ALlah bless the Baba as he goes thru this and heals. We love you.