MF DOOM( MAFUCKIN DOOM)      doom_frank_10.jpgimgres-16.jpg   Dope book. I mean I love the dude, but i got a more vivid understanding of the whole character and how it came to be. The entire layout is fantastic and inspiring to say the least. I love when font, photos, and artwork match 100%. I need the entire collection. frank-151-x-MF-doom-750x150.jpg

D.R.A.M( Does, Real, Ass, MUsic)

I heard the dude and didnt know it was the Cha Cha man, lol. Fell in love wit like 3 joints off his album as my nieces and nephews njoyed songs like “Brocoli”. Dude is really a dope dude first, free and intune. The music comes second to the dopeness. He represents the meaning of his name to the T. Cant wait to hear more from this new wave sound with the low key depth this brova adds to it. Fuck witit.

2017 Gap Commercial

Gave me life when i saw it. Mayb the legs idk. Classic edit, the way it moves. I appreciate congregation, amongst like minds. Chillin while getting work done. BIg windows and couches, good room to create in or hear sound in, how im thinking. Hearing everyones voice is supa dope to me, few of them have great voices ,actually the majority. I wonder if they auditioned? That latter, need in my house. the 4th and 5th voice made me feel warm and the last dude had a very unique sound. Mics and greenrooms do it for me basically. Its always good to create a party out of work.Potential, productivity, creates powerful outcomes.

Who trying be my date? 


creativity-2    Intrinsic motivationdrives people to create for the challenge, enjoyment, or satisfaction, basically for themselves.

Extrinsic motivationaiming for positive evaluation or reward, takes into account what the outside world appreciates.

They both contribute to the creative process, but I believe intrinsic motivation is way more important. creativity


J-Dilla-Welcome-2-Detroit-20011.jpg  Classic. It came out and I listened for a yr straight everyday like 3 times a day. Wu-tang, Tribe, and This Dilla album changed my life…i mean KRS, and Illadel Halflife/The Roots as well, but this Dilla shit brought it all together somehow. This was and is my life, jus the cover. Before i paid rent, i had chics and bud to smoke lol. My weed ben killa since the white boy gave me 12 0’s…my chics ben way badder than this chic in the photo too, even tho she always reminded me of my friend Bisa Dawes, i wont say why lol. The coat, chain and lid is all my flava…this may have ben the first time i saw what the myth JAY DEE looked liked. I wore charged stones around my neck heavy during this era and still do. White tee shirts, dark denim, fresh feet, wit ill hat and jewelry was and is my uniform before i saw the photo. I felt like dude was me when I saw this pic and in times where i feel weird about life i go home and pull this vinyl out and zone for at least an hr. Thanks for ur documented love of music u left for us all. We will continue to rep u bro. TURN IT UP!


Of course we know the name thru Jay-z, but i feel like i know dude from somewhere personally. Long history of real hustlers in my family and upbringing, some of the realest no doubt. When Jay-Z’s album “Reasonable Doubt” came out i was 11 going on 21. My dad and uncles played this album and they werent rap fanatics, they were in there mid 50’s or older. I had a young mom and a old pop, and all my cousins had similar mixtures. They all related to Jay on the album, the lifestyle and energy HOV carried back then. I have fam in Eastern Shore too. I would hang down there for visits etc and as i got older dudes wanted to let me know they was cool as me and my bmore niggas. One kid name Mike and my nephew Bradford would tell me that Emory Jones is the unlce to they man etc etc. Im like ok, yeah HOV team was all thru here, which i knew…but Emory’s name, i would hear it alot in Eastern Shore and all the outlets him and Jay would raid back in the day. My uncle also had children with a PuertoRican from Marcy who knew Jay ,thru just being hustlers…her and my uncle was heavy in the tristate drug world. Point is, I always felt close to these dudes beyond the tale of the music. So i see this dude Emory and hear the accent and put it all together that this is the dude my Eastern Shore fam talks about. This is the dude Ima know before i know Jay prolly. Watch ME

Albums of the Day:

R-2779455-1300717000.jpeg.jpg   Betty Carter

51K5XoH+ucL.jpg Bill Evans