Foundational Good Vibes

Press play first,

I think you should watch and read at the same time, if thats even possible.

Always loved and appreciated Planet Asia. His style speaks to my real life and I love his nature of the delivery. This depicts alot of my reality since the 90’s to present day. The Ethiopian Food, the Fonto Leaf, the Old Heads DRumming, the Rasta Shop, the Gat, the Records, the Chain, the Blend of 2 Complimentary worlds…that most cant represent. “Walk righteous but em still a Shota”, FACTS!

This is vintage vibration and something im always energized to see visually.  Family,music, weed, and food and all the shit that comes wit it, is all I have eva really lived for. Is that plantain they frying outside? shit look mad good,lol.

The injera looks great as all my spots do. May have needed to show some live bud, or is that in the bottle of water on the counter? But niggas know wat i mean, well I say te ones that know, know. Merkato…word.

Its a basic not even dope visual far as cinematography but the life and the average day of righteous goon shit spoke to me so we talkin bout it. Shit felt like my video. Wonder how old Planet Asia is now…anyway this my kinna real shit and we wanna give ase’s to that.

Fresh pack of grabba

baby girl im a warrior, not jus a rapper

my forte’s anotha chapter

cabbage and snapper , delicious you can taste the love 

my lady told me im nothin but a nature thug 

Peace to the babies, respect to every queen and every king cus a black man and black woman made me 

this is roots and not reggea, ya dumb dumplin

wit all the gun bumpin, dem boy nuttin but a ragamufin


smoke pot wit my patnas, slight rasta

Juda Folasha, still a hot boy due to block tho

come thru got it for u to cop… etc etc

Planet Asia

Appreciate it.