Tony Allen, the Baba… the life, the movement.

I know this Musician and his major contributions but wasnt familiar with this cover art. It most certain opened my vibe up this morning.Im starring at it as we speak. The fonts don’t match but its okay, so they do.  Eyes, feet, hands. I think of..Arm leg leg arm head( ALLAH) when i look at this. This is a museum ready piece. I would love to see an artist take this further or expand on the idea of it, like in a  doll form..lil spooky but..


Your feet ground you. Baba Tony mos def looks grounded and focused. The sounds are very dope as well. I wanna hear Grace Jones, Ndegeocello, maybe some Minnie Ripperton, James Brown or Prince involved in this album. FIrst track on the record was sampled by Dilla, on Common’s “Like water for Chocolate” album..the cut “Heat”. This is record i would love to find on Vinyl.

Shout out to all the black voices. From Harry Belofante to Jay-Z, From Malcolm and Martin to Jesus Christ, OPrah to Bethume..Marley and Fela, etc etc to infinity.


 Look at what I got-

A Black Voice

I cant help it, it is what it is

I spit out my thoughts and imagination, creating color wit words, like a Gentlemen

everything I got is yours

sounds like something great

A Black Voice

deep as the night

moving in the street, smokin cigs in the dark, non social

I could write/ a book…

My heart beats the soul, of A Black Voice 

Cus we learn what we live, so with this

I can grab you the sun

…A Black Voice