I was at a music festival like 2 summer’s ago and ran into a brother backstage that felt familiar amongst all the other BS happenings. I thought, what kinna of music or band is he repping..?

It wasn’t jus him either. He had at least 2 3 other similar spirited bredren with him. I was dolo and he embraced me wit the fist bump as I lit some funky shit up. Im always blessed to b in the midst of good vibes, so i didnt think much of it pass black love and appreciation. I went home and continued to think…this crew of bredren are moving power and who are they or who will they be?

I later came upon this same face behind the name” Chronixx”. I asked my crew about them and noone knew except my cousin Entwah, bout right. He’s a brooklyn born St. Lucian who loves hiphop and roots rock reggea. He was familiar and it made my antenna’s continue to study the brovas output.


Breath of fresh air. GIVE THANKS!

He feels like he is ushering in a fresh approach energetically to the genre and I see it and appreciate it. The tones of the visual are warm and nuturing, I gotta get back to Jamaica ASAP, I want a chalice. Ima find a similar area of land on the island and have me a moment. The  roots party sound effects ova the Black Star, ” Respiration”, DOPE VIBES. Solid camera work, the hook and small arrangement with his main man, Eesah on the ft, equals good work. I Love the Lyrics for obvious reasons and its just good penning too. The land they on is giving me ultimate life. Herb for food, herb for thought, herb for meditation and medication. WORD!

Good live vibes in the studio. The bull Chronixx being authentic and in the moment. He brings out some otha voices that really compliment his style. The names are before him and during his era as well but the important point is the match of voice quality and spirit. The Dj’s are in space of trueness that Im sure the voices are in tune with, which makes the moment that more fluid. SHOTS!!!  Definitely some dope points on this, basslines and lyrics, tones and thumps lounge style. ” Life neva sweet like chocolate vanilla/train line  my born mi nah born in no villa/ little monkey watch how u ah talk to guerilla/ ..Bars, lol, amongst much more fire shit too. Randy Valentine and Lil Simz look like family and have similar aura my opinion. It was dope shit like that I appreciated beyond jus the obvious greatness, etc etc. I think we all love reggea on Doctor Dre’s “Xplosive”. All voices included sound excellent with Brova Chronixx and i love it. Some calm major flava that I wanted to share. Sent by the Savior, The Newer African the Black Master.
This one of my favorite BoB tunes, hands down. Ive played in bands my whole life and this was one of our favorite tunes to cover. I love the black and white logo, with the red yellow green island colors, matching the black and white the bredren have on, with there flag being the complexion to represent. They keep Bob’s lyrics asis, and also add there original flava, which is always great to do. I overall really appreciate the vibe and authenticity of the spirit of Chronixx. This brother knows the power of allowing your bredren to go in on levels, as or beyond the nucleus, and he continues to create space to allow that to happen. Hopefully we continue to see this brother carry on the legacy of his forefathers properly, as we have thus far, giving all thanks to the Most High!