Im assuming this is the hood of Buffalo,NY. I like both these dudes alot. I listen to Ka, Roc Marcy, Action Bronson even, and of course Alchemist etc…Willie the Kid too, but these dudes do it for me. I actually fuck wit Conway a lil better, and not based off rhymes..I think they both get busy but the name Conway..His victory etc may add a more real vibe for me…but…..this WestsideGunn shit here, CRACKKK!

THE SAMPLE. Thanks Apollo BRown

I think this captured there reality far as visual. The residential neighborhoods, but the settle danger, the homies off all sorts and levels..humble real shit, we all can dig. Who aint pop bottles in they lawn?, i know i did yeahmean. Baking Soda and fresh dunks, know bout it and I neva sold coke, Im jus from the hood, sport dunks crazy, and roll the best weed, lol.  Westside voice and style wit this sample is straight drugs, good looking yo, i watched this video like 10 15 times, Scrape the pot for the extras wash the sins wit Ace…size 9 in every size…the crack in the chip bag, the mac by the trash…Yeah bruh. IF u gon talk it, talk it properly.


They got famous artillery overdubs they infuse in the music, fuck wit it

Black and white, average day in the hood shit, fuck wit it

I mean and its jus always the shit to show angels of ya dunks, fuck wit it

Dude walks up the store aisle and as soon as the next main segment of the beat drops, u see dude pick up the box of Arm and Hammer, fuck wit it

Cop and bop right back across the same patch of grass, back to the porch where everybody at, real shit, fuck wit it

I know a nigga look jus like bull with the grey polo sweatsuit on…lol, FUCK WIT IT


Spliffs and shots of Henny. Block Concoction. The SteakOut look like the place to be, low key. I like the lights alot…I’m the nigga out the crew rolling up while my friends order the grub, im wit the chics by the window sneaking pulls in, using the red light to turn me up personally.  I think thats one of there album covers on there Homies t shirt, the one with the Channel mask on it and i need one for the closet. Love the shot right after wit Gunn covering his face, using his hand as the mask, with COnway holding him down right in the rear, moving similar spirited as crew naturally do. WOrd. Yeah, the soda fountain too…that Mean flavas...thats all hiphop is, is Flavas, then ya white boy out the bunch, Of course. Lol, I wanna sit wit the chics tho, they aint even poppin but they are still, vibes. The youngin smokin his tree, Gunn cant help to peep it brief, thats jus wat ya OG gon do…cant help to always be on low key alert wit the young soldiers, Hood Love. They pouring libation, and this nigga Gunn look crazy, lol. I can dig it tho…but geesh my nigga, U aiight? mayb mayb not, life is real ya dig. BUt the puddle left after and captured is a serious emotion in real life so yeah, shout out the work,, the life, the point and purpose. You feel the regular celebration that hood niggas experience with each other with the undertone of sadness for living this way, dealing wit the death and how we stay fresh and loyal to the things we all grew up leaning as foundation in these urban city neighborhoods. Some basic real shit is all the culture needs.

My nigga Gunn, good looking

Block Concoction, wit flava=Hood Love 

Ya wit Shady Records now, right?