Yeah yo, niggas wanna forget. She dope as shit and alot of other comparisons. Kinda weird the hiphop community always over looked it but didnt, but did….feel me? She spit on all official shit from the 90’s. Nas shit, Jay shit, Wu and Mobb Deep type beats, R&B shit, and that official West Indian shit. Thats everything that makes the golden era the golden era. I guess I jus feel shorty shoulda got more notoriety based of the voice and heart, plus the bars was real spicy. Lot of things come to mind when i think why her legacy is not pedestaled correctly. Was it being to all ova the place wit this rapper that rapper?..did she think she had Jay z pull and let it go to her head in the wrong way? Wat exposed that she was a just a regular down to earth, ashy at times, wrong hair and products for it, taken care of lil black west indian flavored girl from Parkslope,BK?

I chose this photo because this is how I always saw her and will continue, even through the changes of life. To me this is her ghost that will always remain spiritually, inshallah, even when life changes are physical.

Fox was holding shit down lyrically, point blank.

foxy75-1.jpg   It stated wit the Aint no Nigga and the Gotta Get You Home hits. Her eyes stayed on my heart as a  reefa smoking, Nautica hoodie wearing 11 yr old. I wanted to know her as my OG, then. I just knew, she would love a lil nigga like me, lol. I wasnt fucking or nothing, so not even on some sex fantasy bullshit, jus on some Im 11, and you 18 and we got the proper vibe for that kinna connect type shit. I saw past the clothes and ice. I saw the sweetheart, strong mama warrior shit first…all the ova shit was industry, let me live up to the name shit. She was so 95- 96 my opinion. All the chics I was round as a youngin fucked wit ha too. Would have loved to hear herand Lauryn Hill lock in, shit woulda ben CRAZYYYYYYY, and noone in hiphop really chats about it. That culture, roots, hood shit, yin and yang, the voices woulda really ben dope for the culture. Thats the vibration we need NOW, but foreal, I love Foxy Brown. 9e600024eca163864b1fb54637dcb156.jpg

She more hardocore than Kim all day. WHo lying and saying naw? Im still amazed how she do Jay- Z better than him to me. Jay is my guy, fuck wit him for the real life shit…but he like a Philly Young Chris/ BK Foxy shit at his best, ya dig it?  On the song “Open Book”..she on that better than Jay shit lol. “these bitches dont spit like this man, I should be compared to niggas, I one of the 5 elite”…and I agree 100%, well not the 5 elite but all the ova shit she was saying, definitely. She was low key the best Artist Jay eva had the opportunity to grow with. I personally think it was the typical black girl lost, no daddy shit. You start depending on niggas to hold you down in these bullshit ass ways and it can kill ya personal drive and glow.

Press Play.

This is the girl i see. The Era and zone her and Lauryn HIll could and should have really stamped dope woman in hiphop, on wax tho. I love Foxy as you can see. Kinna upset life exposed her insecurities in such a tacky way.

This is Her i believe in the last stage of having it mentally together. I forgot she went to jail. Lets just skip to 2:30, when she gets back to her block, it was real. Wish this energy of Fox was exposed. Her clothes on, she repping, she cute, and it works more than any of that ova shit she was doing after this moment. SHe jus overall feels good. This is how i always saw Fox. Jus wish the world got more of this zone of her to have in there memory banks.

Yo, was she really getting high? Prolly so. No, but its real out here and drugs are realer, namean. God bless.

foxybrown_zps87d494db-1.jpg This Fox vs That Fox. What you dealing wit?

Top or bottom photo? foxybrown.JPG

Im on the top jawn, lol. Yup, Triny rum and whiskey. Yeah but back to the spit, she nice still.  Go head press play.


Dudes always kick in the door, but woman run all through shit like they in the buiding saving they kids, while we stand looking up and scoping shit, the lady already in and out. I Love the goddesses, no doubt.

But real talk wtf happened to the vibes? I miss shit like “O Yeah”, wit the Toots and the Maytals sample. CLASSIC SHIT!!! and she got doper shit than that for sure.  She had mcee skills, listen to the command on the Benjamins freestyle, the bars are in and out but peep the tone and swag, its iller than niggas far as audio. Its raw, its flashy boombap, wit no beat lol, its the best west indian representation. The smokey tone,the weight in her prime, her diction and character around the words, FIRE!

Im clearly inspired by FOXY BROWN, and i would love to be energetically the spirit to make her realize her duty as a voice and motivation.

5 carrots to lay low to law low- ED-type speedy/ u see me- Im straight 3D/ ya PD-

NY/ya straight semi, Im semi- automati- CK1 and fakes none – Foxy

Ya broads see Fox, i style like I always do/

hold up the wallet on u chics like Im Amadou/

u done know, thats the slick shit that Na na do/

come thru stuntin like 41 pair of prada shoes/- Foxy

BROOKLYN!,..nuff talking/

my rims stop drop and roll, sorta like the 6 is moon walking/

who gotta illa floss game than Fox and Pretty/

in Kennedy wit 20 Luis like Akeem and Semi/

BROOLYN!, stil hang by the building/

still ship about a million. still scan bout 2 million/…- Foxy

Is the tits still perky,  and skin still hersey?

FB there aint no equivalent/

the flow is O so beligerent/

the hood love the style that im delivering/

Fox is hiphop, they jus cant get rid of this/..

the bently H2 the Rover/

Im back this rap game is ova/

from Nas, to Firm, to young Hova/

Fox a young soldier, will cock the toasta/- all Foxy


The audio recordings is dope as fuck, and if that vibe was really brought to life visually, CURTAINS! Her and her team know, they didnt have the Rza, the Russell, and Jay guess had to leave it alone, him being his own artist can get difficult. But history is history. Im not gon eva let up on my love for Foxy Brown. Hope Im able to read this to her in person and more. I pray God restores all that is needed for you to reinvent you if you eva want to Queen.

Love u Fox633x422.jpgfoxy-brown20218.jpg Will neva forget ya ghost and what u did for the culture.