Raewkon the Chef


-mos definite truth

I coped this album of course the first day it came out. I am a beyond fan of Raekwon and the whole Wu for certain, but this is memorable in recent yrs, for being the stuck in the car with a dope hiphop album from start to end moment. LOved THE PRODUCTION and overall flow of the album, as many other hiphop heads felt. ”  We will Rob You” was the mood of the night more than  any other song on this album, the first night i heard it. I was so ON, I could hear Slick Rick’s overdubs and every word and tone he performed, lol. I get so excited when Rae be doing his shit, and the Gza…( silence). Thank u  Masta Killa and Slick Rick too. The first 2 verses, as a marriage, was a GREAT moment for the art of hiphop lyricist. ETC ETC

Verses I njoy to a level, I scribe and dig into, only on a blog…….peep it:

 The Chef: Well it was late one night walking thru the park

wit my leather down coat and walabee clarks

getting my step on big shit big 6 big ris

so much excitment in the air i was crisp

money suit caselouis joint 

go make it happen black god and get rich

saw the D’s fly by in a New Yorker yup tents and shit

they made a right on me them last 2 dicks

know i seen em

mack loaded jogged right back to the car 

they spun around again and blast they shit

i dropped the backwood I’m puffing in a 6 4 5

 you’s a live nigga- u almost smashed yo shit

Ima don my way out this bitch, moving thru the car nice and slow 

2 hoodies on a golden pit nigga had a white eye they both blacked down whats the clown shit for the dogs jumped in the whip

it was the trained one, wops pointed at me  


The Genius: I told the Chef Raekwon pump the breaks

slow it down u know these C cypher punks scan ya plates 

released the seat belt off the shoulder a mile ahead 

then the vibe got a lot colder once the marksmen said 

black niggas in the jeep get the fuck out the car 

put ya hand where my eyes can see or suffer a scar

he was a veteran who kept pepper spray in the canister 

donut shop lounger -38 brandisher

on top of  that the blunt smoke jus rang a bell

of his blood hound who had an acute since of smell 

beef trippin, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth 

that was pointy as the arrow of the indian chiefs 

same cops known for extorting pimps and booking hores

aiming glocks at me and Rae cus they was looking for

a few Emcees wanted for a string of breaking

last scene wearing long minks and snake skins

Dope Poetry. 

Released the seat belt off the shoulder a mile ahead…wtf

on some calm fire shit.

OG’s…thank u