I mean the shit is a new wave. He opened this vibe up on “The Sickness” produced by J-Dilla, which was a dope graphic visual too. This really turns me up to see and hear. My nigga Nas is most definitely a one of a kind writer, thinker, and orator, and with lines like – Lack of respect, get you to fall where you stood/ mathematics is God language its in my bloodshit dont even rhyme, but it feels right and is close enough I’ll say. He continues with shit like Art, Music,Letters and Numbers/ I’m a vessel Im humble/ meeting start ups, I invest if I want to/ transforming global markets with all of my partners/ methodical corporate culture straight out the projects/…Like wtf, the nigga aint even really rhyming but he is tho…just to next explain the formula and ingredients to the realest, lol.

1.Place 2 cups of cranberry juice in the skillet.

2. half a cup of Water


4. cook for 8 min

5. simmer to the cranberry pop a little

6. stir & sip

7. enjoy the journey

-Shoutout DJ Shadow. 1000 salutes. He saw and heard this in completion, Im sure before anyone did. The 2 notes before the verses drop lift my whole internal to the point I literally want to fly. Its a hood superhero’s theme music. Im not Od hype about the beat but I am at the same time and Im not sure if that has happened for me thru hiphop in a very long time….maybe since Rza was in his prime…but Shadow did his thing with this. I appreciate music that is theme driven and is already a story before any lyrics are put to it.  DJ SHADOW AROSE TO THROW BLOWS.

The Reconstruction of DJ Shadow. Dope shit I pray continues.


-THE SYSTEM will defeat itself

nothing stays in a steady state, it over heats and melts

it only feeds itself ( first three lines was so in bounce pocket, ill start)


yo i think it exist,( the screwdriver line)

just because like a pit eats its pups( one of kind Nas description)

eats its own litter up( continued from previous line)

THE SYSTEMS fucked ( bottomline)

ITS CORRUPT( the main point of the rhyme)

its for its own survival, its genocidal (the math)

no place of origin, no beginning cycle( the math)

lets occupy your streets, its crazy to think in the 80’s i wanted minks and a Benz to listen to Micheal

and Grand Puba,Maxwell and get cash while im sipping on drinks 

in Nike sweatsuits and Gucci links ( all these 3 lines is when the Nas we all love fully arises, noone writes basic depth, worthy shit like this)

Im like a Russian mob figure, Im mad low ( we finishing the rhyme but still slick talkin to finish line)

in the shadows- big up to Shadow ( freestyle flow till the end)

Dj Shadow arose, to throw blows ( big ups)

cant see me but Nas moving the fastest ( freestyle flow continued)

Im a 3D movie no needed glasses( Repeat)-( the nigga said he 3D, lol…thats fresh, intelligent, street cat)


Thanks Brotha Nasir Jones

We all as hiphop heads love Nas of course. This is a new chapter for him, I feel to make music that 100% gives to the culture, the water to sprout new fruitful progressive grown man energy. The whole mass appeal LA vibe he’s heading is supa dope and now I cant wait for Nas and Madlib collaborations. Im excited beyond words for the mood thats being set. Its spiritual.