Im Back!

I have this obsession with the number 7. I pour my water for 7 seconds, I wash my face and count to 7 slowly , I read 7 pages of a book before i take a break to talk to people or use the bathroom. I also make 7 song playlist for family and friends wheneva I want to celebrate them, putting the tunes in a particular order ,which tells a story or defines energy. They say 7 is a “Holy Number”, if so you can see thru me. Here is  a list of my random Tuesday vibes.



2. Dry Ice/Knxledge

3.Pensativa/ Freddie Hubbard & Lee Morgan

4. F.U.B.U/ Solange

5.Peace of Mind/ Wendell Harrison

6.You’ve Ben Good to Me/ King Floyd

7. Beat Konducta in Lecce/ Madlibhqdefault-1.jpghqdefault.jpg   2241b0943ac34de48ca768ce100c3431-1.jpgdownload.jpgsolange-fubu-slowed-dark-rb-remix-275-275-1476751044.jpg 09tU7XF.jpgR-4843193-1432676165-6840.jpeg.jpg


Whats the Best song on this playlist?

Idk lol

maybe… Wendell Harrison/ Peace of Mind, 

but that WEE is cosmic, FIrst shit on MAdlib beat tape is EVERYTHING, Love SOlange whole production and mix, Im uptown,  so King Floyd the soundtrack to my bop on a grey day, That Freddie wit Lee was a needed  breakfast conversation btw me and another horn player( memorable), my nigga KNXLEDGE, love u, blended the whole vibe of the playlist for me wit DRY ICE.

Love the MUSIC!







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