The vibe of my peace most days is the hip cultural sounds of Ali Farka Toure. This elder, this historian and master was introduced to me by my bro Themba M and Im grateful he was inspired to play this on that particular night.

The sound of this particular tune reminds me of “folk hill billy music“. The Harmonica and guitar are a great display of the influence us as Africans have over the entire world. I really enjoy the background vocalist’s purpose and role as well. Overall, this is holy music to my soul. I hear the sun and smell the rhythm of this.

When I hear music I visualize how the vocalist looks, how they carry themselves, etc. I saw a clip of him performing live and he was everything i envisioned. From his crown and glare to his sound and intent, it all matches and is felt on a high level, from all that have ben introduced to Ali Farka Toure.

GIve Thanks to the Baba,

Ali Farka Toure