One of the dopest movements ever. I was in my teens, so for me one of the best moments to date of my life. I didn’t know at the time it would have such a deep influence on the complete me. I listened to all these albums everyday of my late high school yrs. I played in my school jazz band and lived a real street hiphop life. Amongst other things, those 2 elements kept me in the know and feel of what was happening with the soulaquarian movement naturally.

I later started my own band and became a mix of all these artist with likes of Bob MArley and jazz greats like Freddie Hubbard and Duke Ellington mixed with black power voices, like Malcolm X and Farrakhan etc. These Combinations like colors, create one of a kind moods, memorable moods. Sound and message combined with color and timing is one of the deepest elixirs. The SouLAQuarians mixture is forever ingrained in my mind. Thank you all. 

@17 I was blessed to meet all of them, thru a project my cousin, friends, and myself produced. I went to electric lady, and the first day I met James Poyser, Bilal, and Badu.  I had already met with Common. I later met Black Thought that same week and QuestLove in btw playing scrabble at a hotel downtown Philly. I felt blessed, because soon I was able to meet Dilla briefly and he died soon after that. I feel Charged to continue the legacy, by reenergizing the purpose of live music. The proof is in the sound. The time is NOW!

Give thanks to the SOuLAQuarians

Example of the Influence:

SB Band:


Crew: Vocals

Theljon ALlen– Tpt

Lathan Hardy- sax

Rob: Knowles- Keys

Salem: keys

Charles Wilson– Drums

Blue– Bass