The first song I heard was “Made for This” ft Ghostface Killa.

I was at Rough Trade Record Store in Bk. The first 7 seconds I knew I would love the album, well I hoped. The Zone of this song, i feel is the space Lil Wayne should have found, grew, and became an elder in the culture with this kinna sound( example: jus for the deeper understanding). The shit Dope, point blank. Feels like Manhattan at night, from the view of hipster stoner, who got some hood in em. The production is stella, but still dirty, not too much happening, but all elements compliment each other as they should. IT MATCHES. 

Wiki:Room messy I get paid to kick/ If u dont get me you aint made for this..

not concerned if my if my clothes piled up, cus if me doe piled up, I’ll get a maid for this…

  • Shit Fiyah.

He’s really good.

Refreshing to hear tru STYLE! And its his, well at least fresh to the culture…of course i hear the influences,….yeah I hear Wayne, I hear Company Flow, I hear Pedi Crack and North Philly. Hear a bit of Curren$y. I hear late 90s underground Hiphop of course etc, but he has found a voice and character that MATCH well. His pen is actually potent too. He has many quotables and moments on this project. Im truly feeling in love with hiphop again as I did as a younger person. Im very excited about this project.

My opinion he’s showing more STYLE, then some of our new major artist…It feels like its strickly for the love of hiphop in his spit. He goes all over his life from love to drugs..bodega tales to Describing ChinaTown and more.

I really LOve the song “Face it”. Its so NEw, yet vintage mature. The lyrics are extremely dope to me. Many rappers are good based of the bounce or the level of rhyme words chosen to display the skill. But this kid is using a jus a bit of both, but its so much real talk about his real life that u have to respect the level. Its out the box, but the feel is welcoming. The Hook on Face it is dope too, dude got tags to the hook as well, fucking excellent…the strings and live tenor in the production, trappy drums a bit..I hear Drake on the remix lol even J Cole or Kendrick. Shit Crack!


His first verse says:

Feel the pressure on my back

Do u Hear the texture of the raps?

in my voice, why its all rasp

If i had a choice to buy it all back

Jus how it was, I wouldn’t budge

now i want the city better than the level it was at

I ben staying up day and night measuring the task

of what its gon take to get the city on blast

and its extra pressure cus i gotta do it on the road

How im supposed to keep a hold

of shit if I aint home

so we meeting ova whiskey in the morn

to the evening, now im gone

off of the deep end of the pond

screaming i jus got my feet in now im wrong

I ben fiending far too long

Now it got me reading all my wrongs

Do i got a reason to go on?

….( Ill stop there)

Shit is ill, foreal


The Hook says it all:

Half of this rap shit battling addiction

they hand u a bottle for u to sip it

kids give u zan always use to split it

then theres the cameras and you are in it

snappin picutes, while u snapin in it

saying Pat is bitching, but i had a vision

talking shit while im sad and slipping

I’ll be back and kicking 

sitting back and kicking


My dude, saying some heart felt shit, that the average young man can get something positive from in a not so positive circumstance. The pressure of trying get it popping and be influential, can actually be very dangerouswatch ya heart, but do ya thing. The beat says it as well. This is why I love the album. Every beat matches 100% what his message wit the raps are. Nice marriage for sure, and theres a melodic element he brings to the art.

Almost movie score like, for the grundgy skater kids who love hiphop. The song “Jalo”, he goes in again….This rap sit straight comedy, honestly/ astrays filled wit big clips of the bombest weed/ etc etc

When u rhyme comedy, honesty, and bombest-weed…u understand the depth of where u can go wit raps. This guy displays this all thru the record.  I feel like Premo could have ben involved in the Production of “Jalo”, maybe its the incognito cuts. The sax samples add, the mix as well. Really appreciate the work.

My Favorite joint on the album is the Title of the album, “NO MOUNTAINS IN MANHATTAN”. WHole album is dope, but i flipped the record over, put the needle on it and this came on after I had already heard alot of the project. Shit came on and My energy shifted immediate.  My mind said this is the dopest hiphop I heard in a long time. Joey Badass and Pro Era came to mind ASAP. This the sound they looking for. They may know they may not know, but I know, lol. The keys texture, the actually chords, basic but pretty and effective, the drums are fun but hard solid, the bass is warm and to the point. The comibination of voices, friendship and that dope ass hook. They could have mumbled the hook…still dope. The words jus added the meaning, but the bounce did it wihtout words…Pro Erayall need production like this, the crew is next WUTANG wit Joey and his friends voices on this sound, so shout out My nigga WIKI. 

Love ya Style, Love ya ALbum, Love the Match of voice, character, intent and overall love for presenting hiphop music at the proper height.