• Im not sure how this came to me, but who cares.


I sit wit the music majority of the time and as I listen, ideas and wonder come to me as color and what if’s.  I wonder if these 2 know each other, or if they agree with me about how they feel similar. I look at hiphop as super hero comic book life in a major sense. As a fan of the culture, i would love to see a comic book using characters like Raekwon, BustaRhymes, Black Thought, The Rza, Nas, Gucci Mane, Scarface, Eminem, Rakim, MC Lyte etc as the cast, to tell the story of how we tincture remedies thru lyrics and vibes, to leave a supernatural effect on the people. In my opinion, look alikes could or should  be A-alikes. With that concept in my head, I saw these 2 rappers and thought, they prolly have a good vibe on track and would look great aestheticly as a cartoon characters.

  • MAxo KremeMaxo+Kream+Spotify+RapCaviar+Live+Houston+jWknhDMajmQl.jpg   Vs

  Big Pooh  bf24ed_6b52e4a32f804a1babe6562487caecf7.jpg_srz_1370_980_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.jpg These dudes feel like each other. Do they know, lol?    

Something about there heart feels like its from the same place  images-2        I Like both these dudes no doubt.maxresdefault



1519311551_0f553f4dc6017cb2c266ebde8cde1f3b.jpg  Do u Agree?maxo-kream-2

I describe hiphop as one if not “thee” most far reaching cultural movement of all times because visual culture encourages reflection.

What would we call this hiphop comic book series?…..

“The Black Urban ShowDown”?