Press Play:


I can tell by ya beard u dont love Allah, u got the Brian Gumble Facegreat way to open up the song. Lol

The 3 P’s. Ben waiting for this one!!!

Fucking with this cartoon shit. I always do , prolly always will. I take the mood in, in a totally different way when watching animation. I actually can say I like it better. Shout out the yellow sports car Im assuming is being driven by the producer of the beat, Harry Fraud.

For hiphop its a good sound and pic, for us to see the 3P’s together all in they normal space of spittage. Seeing the different neighborhoods of New York adds to the comic book nature of the video. The cats who put this  together did a great job with not overdoing or underdoing what visuals they displayed. Im pretty sure Sean Price is under the 3 train on Rockaway Ave stop in the Ville. I move in that area often. I think Harry Fraud driving across the bridge to QueensBridge is one of my favorite scenes. Or the part where Prodigy breaks the toy soldier in half was necessary.

and I absolutely would love to have a pic of the last visual of Styles P on the corner in front of the Deli, blown up in my crib. I fucking love it.

Top Bars:

Sean P

  • Man down, stand down, blam rounds/ at bitch niggas thinking that me and camp clowns/..listen

P (Prodigy)

  • Im dope like chronic/ Im nasty like vomit/ i spit up a verse on ya level Im beyond it/

Styles P- 

  • Cheers to killers in limousines/ dope from Thailand but its shipped thru the Philippines/

From the Font used to spell out there aliases and etc, to the blood on Styles P’s tims, this was a good match. The colors compliment the sounds well. The ninja assassin in the limo was a real emotion, lol. Worddd! All of the characters were designed for the viewer to honestly connect, kith sweater caps and all.

Shout out to Mike Tudor and the exclamation point on the P of Sean Prices lid.

RIP to Sean Price and Prodigy, 2 of my favorite Mcees.