Yummy got the voices of 2 of my cousins, blended. I love Devin the Dude and of course De la Soul.

Not sure why I chose this verse to write about, but im assuming it was the bells, maybe the knock( best heard in car,crib, maybe headphones).I love the fucking bells.

De la Soul is a legendary group to say the least, and I love them for helping build my unique foundation.  There composition has always ben forward thinking and fresh. Even here, the 2 Mcess take 2 verses per man. Plug 1 goes for the first 2, divided by hook and Plug 2 follows with the same format. Basic, but rarely heard form. Wanna take the time to go in about the Dave’s, 2nd and 3rd verse on this one.


I heard it and the style captured me in whole. I can describe the way it made me feel but…I’ll say this is drive home music after dinner on early friday night with ya girlfriend or something to have on a cooking playlist by running water, with ya crew on a saturday at the park…or a live show of it, the mix is solid dope shit, as always wit these dudes.

1 Dave Verse:

Both mcees( you need to let it all hang)…

Dont be scaired to show a lil of that thangthang

(its all good to reveal ya beautful skin, and goddess frame)

no matter how u weigh it girl its feminine

(big, small, in between, it really doesnt matter)

kinna body everybody wanna know

(aint no nigga that wouldnt get at u, girls and babies too lol)

be the private dancer in my luke show

( u really turn me on to have fun wit u)

skip the salad girl, bring us both a menu

(dont hesitate wit modesty, LETS EAT, lol)

 eat the whole box of chocolates I send u

(I got it for u to eat, not decorate ya table,lol)

see girl, u more than jus the apple in my- eyes

(not jus an apple, but chocolate and much more..lol)

 confess I wanna get up in ya- thighs

(need to have the opportunity to smash, lol)

the rest’ll tell you all the things

( the sex will make u get the rest of what my heart and mind feels for u)

2 Dave:

I love it when ya broads where skin tight

(yesss, thanks mama)

make the big pannies look like lil pannies

( literally, and its cute, sexy, and more)

trying to loose that bottom girl u ben right

(why, o why?, lol, girl u sttraiiighhht)

thats all them extra cookies, I should go and thank ya granny

(u fluffy, buttery, good to my soul like a baked good, give thanks to the elders that nutured u from back then, all way to the present, Word!!!)

dont mind u being conscious of ya calories

( health is wealth, right on!, buttt..u straiighhhhtt, lol)

if getting paid was phat, then u’d be salary

(wow, lil joke, that holds real weight, lol. Get it?)

 you aint in this alone i got a tummy too

( but hear this truth.., we n this together)

jus let me watch ya weight, dont let it trouble u 

(let me watch ya weight wit my eyes, u dont have to watch ur weight, as in be self conscious about it at all love)

9 10 specimen up in ya jeans

(ya waiste and hips are present, can u fit in that size comfortable?)

you buy size 7 and jus make it fit

( not really, but fuck it, u make it work and look good so…hey)

slim fast, lypo, and body creams

( products to cover or remove the Phat)

i pray u wont indorse, i got a candle lit

(PLEASE DONT USE IT, u dont need it, i pray u know that)


“I FuCK wit dis”-O.Bey

Aiight so, the lines that are bold are lines that made me feel direct content bout weight

the lines Italic, are jus good poetry and color

the lines untouched, are hiphop filler

the lines that are bold and Italic, are my personal favorite lines from the Plug 2( Dave West)

The Analyzation:

I love that he cared enough to love on the woman as he did on this one. Devin the Dude and Yummy sound great but new together, not ya average blend of sound but it goes as if it is. Plug 1 warms it up lovely, without a doubt. My dude Dave, Yessir. Has a swing, a meant for the beat moment, a Look into what inspired folks like COmmon, and others for sure. He gives joy and respect to alot of ladies with the lyrics shared. I love when artist go in on topics not often spoke about. My favorite line is, “Thats all them extra cookies, I should go and thank ya granny”…that shit is colorfully dope. Aint nothing wrong wit Big Cross.lol( background adlibs), and she nasty too, that always works out too, lol.