The mind is huge. My mind is 1000 different places all @ once, 9 times out of ten. Thoughts are my love and my hell at times, the life of an artist I guess. Lord Have mercy. The way these thoughts run are very random and it can look something like this:

  • As I read, I have a playlist on most likely

those 7 that stood out are:


  1. Rhymes with L/ MED
  2. Warrior Song/Nas
  3. We Be Dat/ Aziz&SB
  4. Dangerous Ground/Method Man                 
  5. American Dreaming/Jay-Z
  6. She Said/ The Roots
  7. Get em High/ Kanye West  


We b Dat brought back some powerful thought of the mission
Warrior Song is a soundtrack for Aziz
I want raps like MED                       American Dreaming, jus felt like my current day
Love Ye for this, etc( My muva fuck wit this too)          Dangerous Ground, that hook fire
The Roots, well Brova ?…good recording, where is Tariq?


Im reading Pitchfork and a lil of this book called Field Recordingswhats the 3 words that stood out to me?          

download.jpg      519LQsSfsPL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg


  1. shellac
  2. warbling
  3. carousing
what does warbling mean?

As I walk thru my house or my mans crib, or my dude studio or harddrive I see Artist names I heard or didnt hear before, and have to hear it, to know it etc etc.    images-3.jpg

  • Ishmon Bracey/ Saturday Blues

he sings wit a scorn and disgust or out of sympathy

  • Kris Kristofferson/Loving Her was Easier

the warmth behind sincerity and slight guarded vibe

  • Fabolous, Chris Brown, Velous/ Flipmode

unveiling nudity in the shadows of decorum


Lead me to some Song titles:

  • Lyrical Camouflagejus some solid hiphop shit, dope or not lol…guess Riq or Rae a be on it, maybe Royce
  • Delicate Dictionas u see I have this thing for 2 word titles..this one almost means be careful what u say, or speak with tact
  • Dupped Dinner, or SInner or Summer(but Dupped something)– I guess Dupped Dinner is stupid, lol…sinner rhymed, but it actually is the better title, and summer was dupped last yr, wtf
  • Limitless Lies– sounds like a monumental song to me, jus off the title. Who song would it be?, what kind of artist? Maybe Beyonce or..the Weekend, some R&B or Pop shit
  • Memories- I had it as Exultant Memories, but nawww, just Memories is better, some basic cant go wrong shit, not always does 2 word song titles work lol

lines or thoughts:

  • Trying push the clouds back so I can see the Lord something Im sure Im gonna put in a rap
  • Let the journey be as jubilant as the destination some shit I read or saw random that stuck. Want this to be the feel of my life 
  • the cleanest dirty shit  my crew, some definition to who we are


First 7 thoughts:

  1. what my girl doing?
  2. sha good?
  3. im trying party wit the GANG GANG!
  4.  what she smell like?
  5. this tea is OD good
  6.  hope these shows are documented next week
  7.  need to clear my life