The basic poetry elevated by the melody and emotional intent. I love a male/female collab, especially when the voices match in more ways than one. This song contains many sentiments anyone who has truly loved someone, will understand.  The guitar chord changes, snaps, light bass, windy mix and the acoustic sound of the strings. Love is this.


I think of Bilal and Tweet, of course Marvin and Tammy, but this is the 2018 vibe of that zone. This is Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.

Shout out to Rose Gold. Thanks for playing this for me Nia Shavette. 


Ur the the sunshine of my Life

Ur the coffee in the morning

if life is a movie, ur the best part…

ur the water if im stuck in the desert

and more love phrases

Im low key a love bug, well it aint low key lol. Im snapping wit my eyes shut when shit like this hits my soul.

Give Thanks to Love