Who doesnt love a collaboration, a music collaboration, a hiphop collaboration?

As I go thru my day, I think of energy that goes beyond Collab, like Ghostface and Rae. Or Ahmir, and Tariq( the Roots), or idk,  or Even Kanye and Jay-Z.., Roc Marciano and Ky,but then I go deeper and think of the tru meaning of Collab, Like if we heard Lauryn Hill and Foxy Brown, really work on a project, or just One dope song, capturing a moment. I began to see Prodigy and Trademark the Sky Diver( Jets), or Big Pooh and MAxo Creme, I have spoke to my friends aloud of this, lol

I really now want to hear Wiki and Steve Steve from the Bronx do a joint together…for those who know, you know this would be an ill collab, right beat. 

10549733_735916229808745_1275887860_n         images-7.jpg images-8.jpg  Wiki


maxresdefault-1    Stevey Stevemaxresdefault


Go Check they Music out, for the Culture!