The mind is huge. My mind is 1000 different places all @ once, 9 times out of ten. Thoughts are my love and my hell at times, the life of an artist Im sure, or I guess so. Haven’t jotted in while. here is the spill out:

Black Exploitation Films:    download.jpg

download-7.jpgdownload-10.jpgdownload.jpgdownload-12.jpgdownload-9.jpgdownload-8.jpg   Going home to watch one tonight. Word! This Era helped us become more visually independent, but at the same time boxed in to hustlers and pimps, low level street folks who’s balance was lost. Many African Americans found the stories and characters of Blaxploitation films to be empowering, others felt that the films reinforced negative stereotypes of African Americans as violent, hyper sexual, and criminal. Im still going to the rest to watch one, Facts!

7 songs:

1.J Dilla/ My People

2.Harold Melvin and the BlueNotes ft Teddy Pendergrass/ You Know How to Make me Feel

3. Soul of a Nation Underground Jazz/ The Roots of Rap

4. Jimmy Smith/ Root Down Live

5. Sun Ra/ God is more than Love can Ever Be

6. Mary Halvorson/ Chaskiel

7. John Coltrane/ Both Directions At Once (whole album) download-14.jpg

images-3.jpg  Still reading this…my dude Baldwin



Gregarious                   *I heard of Infantile before, Im sure Gregarious has something to                                       wit size, but what does Arduous mean?



Some Random shit i was listening to ova day…

Nice Album Cover ( Random)download-9.jpg

download-8.jpgdownload-7.jpg Im in to this kinna shit, gotta get this, for the book shelf.

 Who is she?download-11.jpg


Freudian Slip- 

ˌfroidēən ˈslip/
  1. an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.

If u Analyze the art too much, you will analyze ur way out of doing it


b4-24 Jus cus…

the-artist-as-curator-61.jpg  need this for my shelf


 First 7 thoughts:

1.Love my nigga Midi music blends, like hes really good

2.I wanna meet Jay Z, im not sure why really yet tho lol…

3.Im nice( on this red wine)

4. I fuck wit my nephew Muni, heavy

5.Ivy Fuck round be a Mcee (my niece) 

6.Gotta lock shit down( the fam, the grind, the art, EVERYTHING)

7,Stay Focused n being organized