My nigga Tariq, guess its really Tareek,lol.

Reek Ruffin, same dude. Black Thought, Reek, Reek Ruffin, Tariq Trotter….the list can go on…

I couldn’t get the visual to share, but the music paints whats seen in the visual, well yeah..definitely, even the couple piece blended with a live performance by Thought, with dancers and orange stage lights. Solid goodness.

He is a poet and a singer disguised as a rapper. Salaam Remi found a good match with the beat for the lyricist. No overdubs, or slick recording techniques…just a beat, a vibe on his mic, and good poetry.


BLack Thought:

I am no fashion model but

I got fresh for photographers

the camel coat had the collar up

cus my emotions was bottled up

and tho the ocean did not erupt

it turned up till its loud enough

to jus make something out of us 

past the shadow of a doubt in us

godlogy, geometry and calculus

that i can move any mountain with

a nigga gotta be an alchemist


–  simply jus cared for poetry and I love it!

so if u capture the flame

and its painful u just charge that to the game

cus its shameful to just fallback and complain

that u fractured the laws of attraction again

focus on a more passionate plane

no conception immaculate mane

Speaking some internal truth, hidden gems of self awareness all thru the track.

its lush, its thoro, its colorful, its to the point, and a bit more

Thought says he wants his work to be seen as high art pieces, meaning this is how he is promoting the music, the cover art, and the overall feel of the EP’s he’s releasing. WORD!

he said…

once again to the well I went

while the soul man sing bloody hell I vent 

im trying decode the meaning of the spell Im in( im try reload and decode the spell Im in, what i thought he’d say)

and I dont even know what fucking hotel Im in

I checked in as the monarch of me-la-nin

the el-e-phant

my body is the shell Im in

piecing myself together, teaching myself the loving that one lost, divorced my de-ve-lop-ment...

WOW, Word up

Shit is dope. Its clear he s growing as a man and getting rid of old ideologies, while being honest to actually further his journey with clarity. Great example of being a soldier for life.

He talking his truth for once in a all elements way. Im sure his true fans love and respect where he is creatively. Cant wait to hear the project.