Ntozake+Shange.jpg “I done forgot all about words, aint got no definitions, I got 15 tpts where other woman got hips & an upright bass for both sides of my heart.” – Ntozake Shange


Based on who I am,

I would have known her as Mama Zake or Mama Paulette. I grew up around your poetry books, but never read them, they read me and we became acquainted.

Performer, novelist, playwright and poet, she wrote children books and pros. I dont know many artist with the gift for immersing one’s self into the situations, of the points of her topics.

A Jersey girl, who repped Illadelphia as well, and etc.

I want to valorize how lost in language and sound I am, based on elders like You. Give Thanks for creating atmosphere that helped define my ambition.

My Umi is the last to redo and stage  “For Colored Girls. We are proud of your work!


Rest in Peace Mama 101108_r20179_p886.jpg