Dipset, BirdGang, Diplomatic Community.

I always respected the Harlem shit- I could always feel there friendship thru the music.

Fuck wit the wave, OD!

That hood regal, but dirty shit.

They found there lane, there slang, and there sound and the authentic energy is evident.

Shit feels like the hallway on record.

These niggas is official, Period


FEW ?’s:

  1. Jim, Cam, or Santana?( who u fucking wit the most)

I like Santana the best really, swag remind me of my era far as age and niggas I went to high school wit. Bull be fresh witout the gear. Cam cus he the most mature wit the lyrics, and the leader. I respect his vision and the nigga low key a big deal for NYC hiphop, FACTS! Jimmy the one tho. He low key the best artist out the crew. He expanded the hustle, and kept the diplomats in the mix in a real way for some yrs now, word. Jim Jones, has become a brand by himself. All 3 these dudes is bosses in they own right.

2. Come Home wit Me( vintage) vs Uptown(newshit)

I like the new shit, its a vibe. The bootcamp sample, I like it. Good for NYC social environments. Jimmy Body this jawn too But….Come Home wit me is toooooo classic. Id have to say Come Home wit Me reigns supreme.

3.Ft, we wanted on there new album?

Asap Rocky*******

maybe a DJ, Kay SLay ?( for the voice)

DBLOCK( check)…i aint like the beat realy, but fuckit

4. leads me here…DBLOCK or DIPSET?

both for different reasons for different moments

5. on scale from 1 – 10, how we rating there new collab?

id say 6 maybe 5 really, wish at least a 7

6. Album cover? yes or no?

I dig it, but naw lol

7. Can we hear Freeky? 

He too apart of the crew. Action Bronson got his man Body talking on shit, talking shit. It works too. Im sure Freeky could do a similar thing for Dipset. I wanted to hear him turn niggas up on here, maybe thats him on the end Dipset Forever going off a bit, idk, he aint introduce hisself like Body always does.dipset.jpg


thanks for still caring that we care about yall.