I have this obsession with the number 7. I pour my water for 7 seconds, I wash my face  and count to 7 slowly , I read 7 pages of a book before i take a break to talk to people or use the bathroom. I also make 7 song playlist for family and friends wheneva i want to celebrate them, putting the tunes in a particular order ,which tells a story or defines energy. They say 7 is a “Holy Number”, if so you can see thru me. Here is  a list of my random:

( lol its not tuesday) but it feels like one to me

1.Morning/ Yusef Lateef

2. May the Lord Watch( Album)/ Little Brother 

3. Third Eye ft Roy Ayers ( Side A)– Gone ft YBN, Bilal and Herbie Hancock ( Side B)/ Robert Glasper 

4. Consumers Park( Album)/ Chuck Strangers

5. Al Coltrane/ Cossi Anatz

6.  Bright Size Life( Album) & New Chautauqua( Album)/ Pat Metheny

7. Symphony/ Marvin Gaye

download-3.jpgdownload-2.jpgdownload.jpg    download-6.jpgdownload-5.jpgdownload-8.jpgdownload-7.jpg

download-4.jpg  download-9.jpg


I tarried in a space of apathy for a while, but Im back in a space that I can write a lieder for someone special.  I wake up wanting to mince my records more than I have in a good while.  Peace and rain, are emotion vs element for me and Im grateful.


Love the Music,