Intellect vs Intuition


Yes…these 2 components can confuse each other. 


Like, if you are perspiring…are you necessarily hot? Based on the environment, intellect may say yes, due to the sweat…, but the cigarette in the astray, may point to intuition, and know that smoke can can make your brow and nose perspire. 

This was the first thought on my brain today. Does or can Intellect confuse Intuition? YESSS!

TA-14  Screen-Shot-2018-06-26-at-8.03.25-PM.png

The thought felt a bit like an epiphany. which led me to ask myself, can an epiphany be scored? Anger and fear can be scored, as all other emotions can be. But can an epiphany? What kind of ephithets or adjectives can be used to describe it?

Dark and worm tones, with bright flutes, and bird chirp sounds, showing contrast, the duality which births most epiphany’s.


d28125ea8354455aace3831d0e1ceac7  premo

My score would sound like  the cellist Tomeka Reid , John Coltrane, Mingus on Bass and Chris Dave playing drums. Maybe cuts by Premo, in the middle of it all. Which leads me to this fucking scratch on my Pharoah Saunders album. This unwanted bully, is here to stay too, FUCK!