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Andre Benjamin, 1 half of the group OutKast, is one of my favorite artist and lyricist. The voice, the intent in his message,  and style match well, creating a mood no one has imitated or ever questioned.  I noticed this in 96 when I was 11. I grew up on ATliens, and my life changed when Aquemeni dropped in 98. I began to see similarities in our character and purpose, and was fully inspired by the colors he used to paint with. He does something a tad pass just rap, meaning he’s no ordinary rapping MCee. He compliments his partner Big Boi like fire to a pearl rolled spliff, while representing Atlanta, Dugeon Family, and a healthy free spirited growth lifestyle, like a King.



…Heaven or hell
The angelic nastiness you possess made you by far the best
Therefore hard to tell
You dropped me off by the dungeon
Never came in, but I knew that you were wondering
Now are these niggas in this house up to something
Selling cracks sack by sack so they could function?
Well, yes and no
Yes we were selling it
But no it wasn’t blow 
Cook it in the basement then move it at a show                           
Then grab the microphone and everybody yelled ho
Meanwhile the video starts playing
BET college radio and a van
Pack full of niggas with a blunt in their hand
And one in their ear
You know what I’m saying – Andre 3000 from the Love Below

images.jpg  I love this nigga raps.  Due to his southern accent he can rhyme shit together like : Meanwhile the video start playing/  BET college radio and a van/...he rhymes a 1 syllable word with a 2 syllable word, by making playing into 1 syllable, and to me thats genius. The fact that he even said, ” you know what Im saying” as a statement or even maybe a subtle question. He’s Dope. He speaks of this girl that drops him at the space his crew is known to be at, which is a basement they call the Dungeon. We all know what angelic nastiness is, and how great it is when its new at a young age. It fuels you with the power of a god, as its meant to be. The way he describes the energy of young love or the energy he feels for her, is all in the same vein of how he feels about the dungeon, the music, the feelings of there music being  on the verge of being noticed. The raw freshness of being in your youth and being open and ready for what awaits you, filled him to take it from the basement to the stage. My nigga Andre.

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  This mix found me, and even tho the mix doesn’t all the way blend all the way thru, its still somehow good lol.  Like some lyrics are way off but still, I guess the idea is still felt strong enough. I like the choices of Madlib beats they put with the select Andre 3000 verses. Mixes like these make fans of the music want to hear this really happen, a project with Madlib beats and Andre lyrics, that isnt a mix, but those 2 actually working in the lab together.  These basslines and loops sound so dope with his style of rhyming. Word.

Thanks 3000

*The Kweli Podcast


Its pretty good. I believe the culture needed it, in the era of the social media. Everyone has a fucking podcast. Guess Ill have one soon too lol. We need the mind and voice of Talib to help us navigate thru. His guest vary from T.I. and TooShort, to Robert Glasper and Angela Rye, and he even has a young co-host who helps balance the room with her  feminine energy. The balance is present.

The intro music, the art edits, the backdrop behind them as he interviews, is all dope. The look matches the energy well. Thumbs up to Kweli. images-7.jpgMakes me want to shout outs to Joe Budden. I watched a bit of the episode where he interviews Rick Ross, where Ross labels Budden a vegan rapper, lol, ( which I dont quite agree with). At first I didnt get it, but as he explained how he meant it, it felt as tho he was more speaking of rap niggas like a Kweli.

I happen to be a vegetarian rapper, not quite vegan.

*The Roots Duo

hip-hop-songs-that-shook-america-key-art-400x600.jpg  Questlove and Black Thought have produced a dope series about the songs that had the most influence on a given year in the culture of hiphop. Ive peeped about 3 of them and its really good documentation to say the least. They get alot covered in a small window of time, while providing the entertainment element. The series blend visual camera styles old and new, and overall just has a fresh feel to it. The culture as it stands will always need things like this to happen to keep the engine gassed properly. Good work.

Speaking of Andre and OutKast, here is a clip of FunkFlex speaking on the group a bit.\

Ahmir+Questlove+Thompson+Tarik+Black+Thought+bdGv_TqH701l These 2 are very important for the culture. Im glad they are working in the light of that.


*Rhythm and Flow



Im not usually one for competition shows and things of that sort, but this is good shit. i can critique other things like the judges etc, but that could be a waist of time. I watched and actually like a few artist on here in real way. Thats rare to find artist on tv shows that are really solid not jus talented but actually got the real juice. Shouts to Beanz, D Smoke, and Flawless Real Talk.  I guess there stage names could be better lol, but maybe they’ll graduate it soon come.  The way they incorporate Jadakiss, Royce da 5’9, Big Boi,  NIPSEY HUSSLE, Fat Joe, Twista, Quevo, Lupe Fiasco, and King Los, as additional coaches and judges was pretty cool too. This is a good show for the mainstream, but reflects shadows of a true feel for the culture.

3a2e1e84-6a3e-4785-9e98-aeeabd56bab2D Smoke               download.jpg Flawless Real Talk beanz-twimage003a.png 






Ive ben recently taking dance classes and realizing how healing it really is. I never thought Id catch myself on the dance floor but I fuck wit it. My sister and alot of close family and friends dance for life purpose, and Im always searching for the artist to share with them for inspiration. Here is 1 right here. I bought tickets to the next show in Brooklyn already.



*The Water Dancer

9780399590597.jpg  Grew up with this dude as a big bro in a sence. Always so proud to see or hear folks speak of him. Ive read all of his books, and of course went to the bookstore to purchase this one. This is his first novel, and the few pages Ive read, I see its another winner. I actually heard about this book, as him and I chatted about it, maybe a yr before it came out, so I was familiar with the idea for the cover art and he actually shared the title with me too. Ta-nehisi Coates will get a portion of a chapter when my book is written. He was such a staple in our late 80’s early 90’s experience, growing up in BMore.  Proud of you my brotha.15-ta-nehisi-coates-encounter.w570.h712.jpg

*The WaxPoetics Mag

download-1.jpg    download-2.jpg     -Still my Favorite Magimages-10.jpg       download-3.jpg  images-9.jpg  images-8.jpg   I get so excited to carry an issue with me in my travels. I feel more alive when I have it in my bag. I learn not just about the artist interviewed in these articles, but I learn about myself. I would love to work for this magazine in some shape form or fashion, would be a dream come true. The font, the grain of the photos, the heavy paper they print on, all adds to the dope feel this magazine posses.  I remember as a child, I told my mother that I loved her the way I love a magazine. She laughs about that up today.  I ben about this from ever since.