Another one of my favorite magazines. Its a stand out, I actually think it glows. The articles are lenghthy and colorful, which always allows the reader to really become committed to the read. The size, the feel, the price are all apart of the experience, and what makes this mag so dope.


My favorite article so far is on Matthew Higgs, the director of White Columns, New York’s longest running independent art space.webimage-F4B770D9-32B1-456D-A8E83341755E6599.jpg

He created Imprint 93, a series of multiple artists featured work. Matthew continues to put on shows that provide a platform for work that wouldn’t easily find a place anywhere else. His philosophy is that its all about finding the history in the present tense.

My feeling is all it takes is a handful of people to see something. or encounter something, or hear something, and if those people are in position to do something with that experience, then ideas are up and running and on their way into the world. Thats why I have always ben fascinated by people that start record labels, small publishing projects, or galleries. Its about perspective and desire. I understood that record labels was a form of public philanthropy. The people that go through all the trouble to make things happen were doing this as a kind of social project. There is a philanthropy involved in somebody who organized a concert, or a club night, etc. It goes beyond any idea of monetary return, it was purely about forming a social/cultural space to share with like minds. – Matthew Higgs

MATTHEW_HIGGS.jpg                 download-1.jpg


The Great!

1 of my random favorites, that helped shape the soundtrack to my life, Aziz. Its jus good, solid, funky hiphop. AppleJack hats and plague is the visual I get. My father raised me and this is 70% the sound of it. Word. Hear these conga drums?

And then there’s this. Shout out to the Album “Bandana”. Fuck wit u Freddie, for Reasons( Earth Wind & Fire). You and Madlib created a masterpiece.

Leads me to this Gem: Karriem Riggins wit the Vibes.

Good Brazilian vibrations.  This was only right to share, it being my real life. A good kitchen, bottles and babes, the actual apartment to the venue…a regular day in the life of certain. I love the audio mix, and the overall humble care Karriem has for the music.


Recorded Music haunts us almost by definition. It Allows the past to remain. It carries both wanted and unwanted presences. It takes over our entire body becoming our blood for us. Certain songs take us back, pull on us and rest waiting for us sometime in the future. Good Music allows our minds to catch up with sensations we hold close to us. We trail the language and knowledge of songs and wherever they take us, we end up. This is why as music lover and musician, its always important to PROTECT THE GROOVE.

MUSIC Enters us in DiFFerent Ways:

  • Dreams/Visions
  • Fear/ Triumph
  • Spectacle/Speakers
  • Etc

Remembering Max Roach (1924-2007)


Founding Father of Modern Jazz drumming, he was apart of the BeBop revolution in the late 1940’s. One of my favorite men. Shout outs to Clifford Brown and Booker Little.

Clifford Brownimages-2.jpg  Booker Little booker-littlemax-roach


billy-taylor-my-fair-lady-loves-jazz-impulse-release.jpg   Im home on a chill Sunday, listening to my vinyl and I run across the cover of the album ” My Fair Lady Loves Jazz”   Great Album by Billy Taylor, arranged by Quincy Jones. I felt thankful to understand my ears. Who is the trumpet player I thought, so I turned cover over to find out it was Ernie Royal. 

ernie-royal-ac20d841-180c-495a-8e18-3598b603592-resize-750  What other bands or solo work was this cat Ernie Royal apart of? I grew up playing trumpet and I think its safe to say, he reminds me of me. As I listened I thought this a great blend of musical styles, great musicians, and a great sonic recording. It feels like everyone’s dedication was on the same level. Which led me to Quincy Jones and his relationship with this project and the players…Ernie Royal and Billy Taylor and maybe the recording engineer in particular. I imagine the relationships to be close or even better, the relationships were special, I predict. billy-taylor-my-fair-lady-loves-jazz-back-lp.jpg


4f0a-b2d8-406f-8682-8a252123c06d.jpg Michael Henderson 6151jV3HWaL._SL500_SY355_.jpg

Played bass for Aretha Franklin anat the same time. Thats kinna DOPE! In the early 1970’s, he played bass for the Miles Davis band. This was the era that soul pop groups played jazz as the opening sounds, just to impress the audience. Thats a lost concept in todays climate. I think its time to bring that back as the standard.


The Prince of Darkness RoundAboutMidnightMilesDavis.jpg Miles Davis

He said he really enjoyed watching his band while he played. This is the reason they say he played with his back to the audience. Ok. A Prince see’s and feels things very uniquely, so we are always grateful to be in the midst of greatness, even when its in the dark.