This guy Jay Z, Sean Carter is still the guy. And we love u, word.

He is finally aging, with his Basquiat dreads, a steel collar bar, and muave colored suit.              1201951445-459x688.jpg The event was so full of soulful bravado. I would say, the majority of the full spectrum of the industry was in attendance. Jay said he felt “mauvealous” lol.

images-1.jpg    images-5.jpg    We Lit!images-2.jpg images-4.jpgdownload.jpg

This RocNation brunch is the fucking vibe. Black Excellence at its most genuine. Everyone is in attendance, from Joey Baddass and RiRi, to B- Dot and Jessie Reyez. Griselda was in the building wit Meek, Kelly Rowland and Usher (OG young-ones) taking pics wit OG Juan, of course Puff is the co-host.  Shout out to Beyonce and Dave Chapelle. This is our urban folklore. Where is Kanye West, Nas, and ME @ ?



…or Nikki and Drake? (where the fuck they be at these days)

Nick Drakenick2-e1546083201381  -( a random play off those 2’s name)

Conway & RiRi

This low key my favorite rapper since like 2017-2018, and I absolutely love Rihanna. Im so proud of the work and accomplishments of Griselda Records, so is RiRi I bet. I named this pic: My Bloody Valentine” 



My dude Joey Badass was in the place wit Statik Selektah, with a big cigar, but where is the spliff? Is Statik( selektah) trying WestsideGunn his shirt? Westside ( 2020 abbot) shit is Dapper Danny, Joey( rudeboy)and Conway(the machine) doublebreasted ( they need to get on a song as a duo), Benny( true growth) suit looking like he jus rented or bought it the night before, no diss.      82935620_128545948317244_8613322961996778442_n

images-4.jpg They got the OG Clarence Avant in this pic.  The Godfather. Its a must to pay proper respects to the elders.

Thank you Puff, Sean Love Combs. My dude gave them ( the gammy’s) 365 days to get they shit together. This that black excellence Im talking about. Im sure sir Clarence Avant was proud of this young man.

Dave & Tip

rs_1024x759-200125174608-1024.dave-chappelle-TI-roc-nation-brunch.ct.012520.jpg Ill call this picture…” Killing a Joke”  or Styles P ( the gangsta and the gentlemen). I believe these 2 guys to have something brewing for the culture, low key. My brothers.  download.jpg    EPK4k1fUUAI8rgv download.jpg      images.jpg    Whether Tom Ford, Viveene WestWood, Celine, or Dapper Dan, blackness is a style council affair.  I get expensive fabrics/ I got expensive habits-  Beyonce

Where was my nigga 2 chainz, and the psychedelic furs and his dog@?

unnamed.jpg   2021 lets add the grand orchestra or the Mardi Gras?  Bar Rumba, lets dance and toast!


HoV & Nipsey

PUMA+x+Nipsey+Hussle+2019+Grammy+Nomination+mJfBwJvGHoRx.jpg Call this pic: “Hussle the Hova Way”  

This song Dear Summer came to mind. A score for hustlers. The sampled voices, piano, bass and cymbals, feel like a funeral of hood celebration. Lets toast again and turn it up. R.I.P to Nipsey Hussle,we praise your Mamba Mentality forever. ( article on Kobe coming soon)

We’ll be reunited and it feel so hood/ have the whole world saying how he still so good/ – Jay Z