Brooklyn NYC

This is the vibration of the set for this vision of the cartoon featuring The Mighty Mos Def and Busta Ryhmes.

Yes, I used the title from the ODB tape. I think it fits the concept of the cartoon perfectly.
the Mighty Mos Def
Me and the Mighty Mos, shine like a light pose“- Busta Ryhmes from “Do it Now”

This is a Brooklyn based cartoon, centered around a close bond between Mos Def( Yasiin Bey) and Busta Ryhmes, as teenagers. They are average young urban kids moving with a mission, and compared to others in the hood, these 2 Got it Made. The 2 have militant magic and the aura is wrapped in love for each other. Its riviting, its 2021 Fat Albert and the kids, its the Boondox, its classic hiphop nostalgia. Culture, heavy science and history becomes the New Danger. They move all around Brooklyn, from Bedstuy and Flatbush to Downtown and back to East NY, parading a mist of love and justice.

Each episode they have a cypher or a moment they communicate with rhymes. Grooving to the beat of there own drum, the eat patties from Errols Bakery on Fenimore and Flatbush before 8 am mos mornings.

There crew usually knows exactly where to find them at certain times of the day. At noon, these 2 can be found on Mos’s grandmothers block on Decatur and Marcus Garvey Blvd and btw 4pm and 7, they usually rhyming in Prospect Park or hanging by Nostrand and Lefferts. Its always a vibe for the evening time either in Rockaway Towers in the East or somewhere on Church ave or Clarendon.

Of course there are other characters that expand the experiences with Mos and Busta. They study, smoke and rhyme with Jeru, Black Thought, and Sean Price mos days. They meet up to eat and laugh with Qtip and Dave Chappelle on the regular. Rosie Perez is there main homegirl. She where’s a hoodie that reads Everything Remains Raw on it. Bushwick Bill is Busta’s cousin who introduced them to Qtip. Qtip lives in the same building with his best friend Dave Chapelle ,and brought him to cypher one day in Prospect Park. Mos recognized Dave from there acting classes in the city and the bond was solitified. Ali Wong is Rosie’s right hand who dates her brother Bobbito Garcia. Bobbito is a DJ who becomes very close to Mos and Busta by default. Solange and Storyboard P are the 2 younger crew tag alongs who are raised on the same block as Mos Def. Busta’s older brother Buju Banton has a baby with Mos Def’s older cousin MC Lyte and they named him Joey Badass.

Bobbito’s sister

Other characters are Samuel Jackson lol, who playes the record store owner, who sells everthing from weed and incense to african jewlery and art work. His children are Spike Lee and Erykah Badu, who usually run the shop. And more.

Mos Def and Busta Rhymes glow as dolo personas, but together they take flight. The gangstas look out for them, the crips let them live, the elders feed and direct them and the block hugs them with sounds and smells that raise there level 360. You see it in how Mos sports his hats, and gives his salaams. You feel it when Busta smiles and lights the spliff. There right step is the BOOM, and when they bus out the left its mos definitly the BAP.

The intro song choices vary from there collab, “Do it Now” from Mos Def’s first solo album, to maybe the instrumental to ” Hot Shit” from Busta E.L.E album.