My girlfriend introduced me to Enny. She texed me the video “PengBlack Girl”, and I shared it with a few good friends.

My third listen I remembered the chic Little Simmz and how much I dug her shit. Do these 2 know each otha?

I think they should. Hopefully they already do and have a project on the way.

The times we are in right now requires a wisdom and leadership I believe only woman poses.

These visuals are a perfect match for the music. Im fuckin with the chic Amina Brave, the mamas in they garbs, the camera tones and overall good energy. Even the font of the title, all went well to present the art.

BIg Vibes for the 2020/2021 and on

I love what Im hearing.

This Remix is almost more fire than the original, respect to Jorja Smith.

She saying some meaningful dope quotable shit on this. Her melody, voice tone, slight lisp, plus the bass line and chord changes all match perfect to me. Her heart is as if she is speaking directly to me.

Would have loved to hear Simmz on this 1.

All artist love Colors. I might be falling in love.

Im thinking, Im sure Solange is in tune with the vibes.

Good transiton to this…Simmz really is fire.

She said her dad moved around like a taxi..Wo, thats a color

Not too many have 2 Color episodes

More Fire( lil Wayne sentiments)

She pretty much blessed all platforms wit some solid artistry. Word.

I love this bass player from Phony PPl

My opinion she top 3 female spitter right now, this includes rappers from the states. I hear her on Big records, like Beyonce’s Lion King. That would have ben a good space for her and more. She has the swag of her area of course, but there is some other energy in her spit as well.

the day to day gotta be lit

Maybe Im an A&R, a producer, a psychic or some shit, but Im willing the collab of these sista Mcees to happen in a major way. These messages cant be sequestered from the masses. Nas’s label Mass Apeal would be a good fit for there project, speaking of the masses. There is so much depravity in the world, the spirit of the woman is our requiem.

Shout out black girls. I love u