The Mothafuckin Metal Face Mcee is not in the physical anymore?

2020 has ben a different kind of yr….many have passed away from Kobe Bryant and Sean Connery to Doom. His style was like a gouge, that shaped many other artist. He never took the mask off once he put it on. I know GhostFace is somewhere feeling this deeply amongst us all who ever knew or heard him. Madlib is the last Mohican.

one of the illest collabs in hiphop

I lived in South Philly on 18th st when I found out about MF DOOM. I was asked to write a verse for a show wit some local dudes that same night. I went home and had the beat on repeat to scribble some thoughts…and during this process I texed my man, like, where you get this beat from? he said from Metal Face lol. This was 2005 I believe.

He’s a rhinestone cowboy, Im a crystal stone cowboy

Young MF. I neva was down wit KMD at that time, I had to go backwards once I got in tune. Its like some L.E.S. version of De la Soul sorta…

Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator,Your Old Droog and Wiki, Lupe Fiasco, Griselda, Roc Marci, Mos Def, Black Thought, Posdonous Jay Elec, and the entire underground are clearly inspired by this dude DOOM’s ability.

this is a perfect example of how he was loved by his community

MF Doom is a tru wizzard of hiphop culture. He puts graffiti on the word “quotable”. Each of his lines are a portrait to absorb. His dedication to his perception lived at the pitch of passion. Im forever grateful for what you brought to my collection.

Madlib, J Dilla, MF DOOM ( the back pack, in place of the rat pack)

Even some of the music I didn’t all way understand or dig still goaded me into it. Now we will all be gelded from any new MF shit, and thats a ghastly feeling. The next sound must rise to the occasion to fill the void.

7 of my Favorite DOOM Tracks:

  1. Rhinestone Cowboy
  2. Great Day
  3. Raid
  4. One beer
  5. Accordion
  6. DoomsDay
  7. Perfect Hair

Which video art/ edit is doper? Raid or One Beer?

Classic production

Is a raisin in the sun, a lemon in the dark…….?

RIP to the legend

MotherFuckin DOOM