Its the top of the yr. Good time to refresh. Music has timeless power. These 7 songs are a random collection of forever vibes. I enjoy experiencing what it feels like to hear one sound bleed into another genre. Im also interested I guess to see the different cover art at once. It allows me to see something new. It only takes 7.

1.K Dot/ Untitled

Good Zone

2.SWV/ Use ya Heart

Good days

3.Styles P/ Other Side

Good Weed

4. Biggie Smalls/ Everyday Hustle

Good fit

5. Bill Evans/ Soirae

Good cover

6. LL Cool J/ Loungin

Good B side to SWV

7. Zap Mama/ Bandi Bandi

Good dress

I have the cover art idea in my head right now. It has the red of Zap Mama and Bill Evans. The yellow font but faint as Bill’s. The image of dudes pollying like Styles but dressed like BIg, all sitting down like Zap Mama. The Title of the Project is inside a circle like the one on the SWV cover, as even the LL is a circled stamp feel. The grain of K dot shit, but its In the Red. Shout out Reflection Eternal.