Hands down one of my favorite Nas songs. This is vintage NYC. It rocks on the train, in the truck, the block, and anywhere else. Who did the beat? Im sure its Salaam Remi. Basic loop, not too many chops, warm muffled drums, and the rapper Nas.


Heard this song years ago and it stayed on my computer since that time. I remember the first time I heard it vividly. I was wit my guy Howard in his car. We Parked and sparked, and he was like..”yo U heard this shit?” He was so excited that I didnt lol. He said he jus discovered it that day and drove to listen to it with me. It was bout 9: 43 on random friday night in the hood. The time that everybody is vibing and figuring out what kind of night they want to have. Perfect setting for this songs mood.

I dont even think this song was on a lost tapes, it jus was one of those random Nas songs. Niggas aint rappin like this no more.

Me and Howard lost count at how many times we replayed this. We was so amazed at how dope Nas sounded, compared to his hit singles. I knew the lyrics would stay with me forever. This is the kind of lyrical space that can make him be considered the best to do it. Please tell me where I can find better raps. Its poetry, swag, and a unknown color hue combined with Salaam Remi cowboy sample. Everything about this has 70’s movie TV anthem music feel, and Nas on his Queens Charles Bronson shit. A calm effective shooter.

this song was NOT on this album but…

I slow dance with the Devil- why tho? so do I, knowing Im God nonetheless.
Snow setting in the bezzle- why tho? lol. Why is he calling Ice or diamonds snow? hypathetically. not jus the time gets set, the diamonds gets set as well. Fancy ( Drake ft T.I)
Mo’ sipping, phantom bumping Aaron Nevillemore why? why u in sipping Moet with the classic old Aaron and the Neville brothers on in ya phantom? who plays The Nevilles as the get drunk in a phantom? but a Nasir Jones.

Nasir Jones

Polo black scented, eyes squinted Air Force One’s, with my own patent in it- all my senses are being decorated. the dance, the watch, the car, the music, the Moet champane, the cologne, the squinted eyes, implying ganga smoking, and we all love air force ones in a ll colors and designs…but he got his own patent on his lol.
Fresher than a star, glowing up in the galaxywhen he was 12, he went to hell for snuffing Jesus too, so….he can be fresher than a actual star. This is a serious glow up lol.
Pagan holidays, are way far from my reality- I love how he brings random truth in the raps out the blu. Adds so much wit jus a basic touch.
Fart through Evisu jeans, lethal green ,Oliver peoples shades when I creep through Queensone of my favorite lines…. anyone who smokes and raps usually likes a good pair of jeans. Shout out Evisu. Anything u smoking can create gas. Gas can make u gassy lol. He called it lethel, prolly based on the smell of the fart lol. I respect Oliver People frames. I used to go to there shop in SoHo. Yeah I heard TLC. My dude is creeping thru queens in the mean frames( Jim Jones Balling) and heavy denim, smoking some lethal that got him farting lol. With no AKs, I’m the ambassador- I dont need a gun, my name speak for me. A and A. Aks and Ambassador.

Aston Martin Truck

Robin Hood in the Aston Mart. here we go wit the question why again? the robin hood comparison is obviously fitting, but he’s the modern day so its only right he has a Aston. A A and A.
Lotta blood gonna splash in war,Task force homicide federalies, gonna harrase- DAM, its the word splash, and how he ryhmes shit. Ambassador, Aston Mart, Splash in war. FIRE. Lotta blood gon splash in war,is a Philly Beanie Siegel vibe he low key threw in. He continues to ryhme splash in war with harrase but yall. too fire!But but y’all- ain’t never seen nothing- shhh. keep ya mouth. No snitching.
Not a word not a hint, on the kid from the Project Bench- dont talk my name on no level. I went from a project bench to places u couldnt imagine.
That went Sony-BMG, to that new conglomerate, Island Def Jam, guess how many dollars was spent- The trading of him is like a NBA star. The contracts are big bread based of the status of the name. Guess how much?
To get the best man, yall niggaz ain’t silencing shit- the best man, adds to the sports comparison, yall could neva hush my cloth talk either.
Ya bitch been wanna polish the dick- this is usually the case for the best man. other niggas chics be swinging off the hmmmm wonder.
The big Benz, Imma model ya chick wit Zac Posen, cash froze herjumped out the Aston to the BIG BENZ. The cash froze her, means it had her in shock
Cats stroke her, once I smash it’s overcat stroker, means one who has vagina intercourse. Smash means sex. Once he stroke her its over, means she sprung now, he can continue to stroke lol
Cold like ice, more chains than slaveswats colder than Ice, who had more chains than slaves. He is saying he’s the illest.
Dangerous ways, Poltergeist change the channel ,Roll the dice, I bring change when I gamble- the ryhme, chains than slaves/ dangerous ways. it jus connected to further his dart. Im Supernatural like poltergeist, u might not wanna rump around wit me, u might need to change ya rout up, but u can roll the dice. Nas paper is good to go, so if u wanna gamble he brought nuf bread.


I could sell sand to a Arab, hiding my gun handle- word? WTF. wat a dope way to end a verse. Feels like a cursive’d signature, he signed in a coded slang.