I have to disect his verse.

African estate grass and grapes- off the rip we on the African…thank u. Grass and Grapes (nature of the motherland, name a few things) is Genius lol. Thanks my G.
Masculine the slave master hate- Facts! his set up to his point is major ill.
Exactly when they emasculate – get rid of the African man
Congratulate gay amass the hate- unbalance the scale or confuse us with homosexuality
Ask the black lady ass to shake- or try to conquer and slut our black queens
They fascinated, they masturbate- wow, WTF! bafoonery porn flicked our culture
The black parade straight exacerbates- then we as black people follow this blueprint as we followed eating swine, loving a white jesus, and celebrating there pagan holidays.
The actual hate they imaginate- but its all an illusion
That’s when they racist, straight- preach the truth bro
Harasses us as they evacuate- bitchessss
Imagine wearing they mask somewhere, can’t imagine making it past the day- gods cant even imagine putting the devils shoes on.
Hell is hated, Heaven’s a elevated melanated masquerade- clearly, the African soul is the highest power, but we playing wit it like it isn’t the truth, at a party
We celebrate, they will vaccinate- if we try stay woke and free, the devil try’s to kill us with there medicine
You separate, they assassinate- if u try to stay with your people in awareness, they Martin or Malcolm you
Weapons mastered, yes, they active, yes, they matter, Maj Toure– soldier time, we shooting ( Nas, They Shooting), cus of course a black life matters, duh…shout out to the good brother Maj Toure. Philly ties.
Rep they blackness, leather jackets, black beret- on some we ben ben the new Black Panthers.
Pastor Mase, Ice Cube, Jam Master Jay- 3 black pillars of the culture. 3 different modes and eras of quiet boss shit
Trunks of jewelry, come through and truly- Boss. black King activity
Trump security, Grand Master Jaywe cant forget to be this kind of boss either, cus we shooting ( Nas)
Gucci conned me out of Luciano– fucked me out of bread, then fuck u Gucci. Cucci Hat.
To Armani I’m a Moulinyano- these labels look at us like monkeys still
Drove her out to hit the Neimans in Cabo –word. We still at the stores of these labels. We bring the black woman too, but look at it as more boss shit. We copping watches at the mall before we hit this Cabo beach.
Scope the model, made her Venus De Milo– looked at her and got her out her clothes and naked
Spend a lot at the palazzo- balling( JIm Jones) gambling wit ya life
Send you hollow semi-autos, powder blue Diablo- dumping bullets out the window of a Lambo thats powder blue lol. Comic Book shit that can actually be lived out…
Probably pop a cop or two to honor Breonna and Amadou DialloFACTS! gangsta RBG shit. Black fist in the air, candles lit.
They tracking the African breed to patent the seeds- now back to the math and real real of it all. These devils are working in there labs to get us, trap us, so they can use or genes for there preservation.
They snatching the apple from Adam and Eve to patent the seeds- we are the original man and woman, they know this…this is why they want our seed. its not a game.
Attack chemically then patent disease– by any means they will do this demon work
I rep murder violence, methane bars, jet stream God- but Im a killer too my guy…lol, and the bars are flammable gas, chemical level. my flow is like a air current, above this earth. WTF. WOW
You rep Turtle Island, just ain’t y’alls, Epstein’s log- talking to them…shout out to the tru history of Turtle island. It jus dont belong to these blood sucker devils. Epstein’s fuckery activity. A million ( Jay Z) FUCK u’s( the LOX)
And thats king talk, my queen shopping in L.A- right. talk to em( Conway the Machine)
See me out in that green drop, that thing not a Chevy- not the powder blue this time, we off that, we doing green now. Lambo life still
Beam on top of that slingshot, Glock sing soft as Dwele- yamon. The weaponry is on deck. Let it hum to ya ( Jay Z- Threats), repping his city of Detroit by shouting out the singer Dwele. lol. why the glock singing like Dwele tho…word
And things start to fall apart like Chinua Achebe- I shoot this gun, shit falling. FACTS! Title and author of the book they got the title of there album from. Shout to the Black Thought was a signature ending.

what more can I say ( Jay Z, Black Album), how I feel about this…

needed art

his mind connects concpets in a really crazy way, and I love it.

Everything was said it to bring us to some awareness in these days and times, in a digestable manner. He wrote and performed this like a tru athlete of the sport. Incredible.

THank u bro