Art is here to prove and help us better accept the fact that all safety is an illusion. Any progressive and successful artist overstands this as the truth. You have to be thoroughly disciplined as a means to be crazy spontaneous.

This London based music label found me. Im sure it will stand as a template for future endeavors in my journey in life. Wat is Yala? Who is Felix White? The former guitarist of the Maccabees, chose to start this label to nuture the development of a roster of various artist. I like to point out those folks who open up space for art to live, giving all the sunlight and water possible to grow the plant. Folks like Peanut Butter Wolf of Stones Throw Records, Barry Gordy of MoTown, Jay- Z @ RocNation, and Felix White of Yala Records. Etcetera.

Felix White & Morad Khokar
the reasons for forming the label is all clear in this interview. Motivation. Shout out the Owners
Really dig the basicness of there flyers and the overall vibe of how they promote the company

This label has nuff artist and bands, but this band Idles stood out to me. I listened to this with my son and he truly enjoyed. I trust his taste as I trust my own.

Keep ya head down and work. Dont worry about peer reviews or the labels support. Continue to learn your artistic language and grow thru just actually doing it. - Joe Talbot 
Lot of jewels to learn from. Wisdom

Yala Records is a template for my future.

is she down wit Yala Records? I think so…

Louise Chen

A respected touring Dj from Luxembourg. She values the art of sound and the power of music. Her energy has weight for television and radio. I believe she would emphasize more realism naturally, no dubious vibes. Im drawn to her shit.

I hear the Jay Z song “Girls Girls Girls” as her theme music
Actually the thing I do the quickest is dig for music. I think thats still the one thing like, whether its like I can listen to like 500 songs in a half an hr and tell you yes, no, yes, no, I know when to play it like straight away. Thats where its like yup I have my discovery process down to a T. I know where to go, how to find, how to sort it, what I want to edit, what I want to sample, straight away, I just know right away, even just from the compression. Ive done is so much now that Ive reduced the time of the decision making the smallest  millisecond.- Louise Chen 
white girl got soul


he’s a Cancer sign like me, think thats why I feel my dude so personally. We act similar. word

He has always ben one of my top Mcees since I first heard him. Of course wit Eminem, but dolo I listened from the start. I listened to his song “Lets Grow” on Lyricist Lounge alot as a youth. The technique and seriousness was evident.

the Pro Era, before Pro Era

On a Jdilla beat he sounded like a Detroit Rocafella Artist, heard Jay and Beans in this display. I listened to him thru all his solo attempts. My ears and soul neva left his level in the rear. I paid attention even if not closely, until his work with Adrian Young and Dj Premier. I peeped and skipped the SlaughterHouse wave. I began to see him shift from health choices to his overall voice. He went thru some shit that made him sober his alcoholism and look at things with a more mature worldy perspective. I felt proud of his progression as a man and artist.

He has always ben vocal about being a real one. Royce has neva posed as extra gangsta, wit the average hood tales of drug dealer raps, yet he still spits wit a raw aggression of hood ideologies mixed wit the out the box wittiness of his close friend Eminem. Speaking of Em, Royce has defended him in many ocassion in recent years. He has went back and forth with Lord Jamar and others on defending Eminem’s credibility in hiphop. At first I understood his place, then after maybe a few other defending moments I got a bit fed up with the defense. it started to feel as his duty to do so and I thought well where is the white boy to speak for himself or does Eminem do the same for Royce. Guess so. I began to study Royce’s reasons. He had a problem with Fredro Starr of Onyx and I believe Spida Loc too. Royce’s energy began to feel combative almost sordid. Anyone who questioned him or his level, he felt to deal with things in a more aggressive manor, towards those, with how he began messaging things to say the least. Its public record now lol. What i took from it was, dont think cus Im not a reckless idiot, with evident street credibility that I wont take it to violence and I dig it. Although I still wasnt feeling his energy about things.

At the same time he has spoke up for the preservation of hiphop on numerous occasions on many platforms, Id say more than most this past year. I felt proud to hear the conscious undertone in his music and his overall development as a man. His conversation wit Mysonne was classic to me. I overally appreciate his growth and care to share all he has learned and came thru, in light to help others. It truly feels ” for the culture”. Flowers.

The dude is crazy wit the bars

I then hear a random convo with him and Lupe Fiasco, on a podcast they share. Lupe is explaining to Royce that he is a BoomBap rapper. Royce says he isnt, and that he is I’ll fuck u up rapper, lol. Ok. Lupe couldn’t quite explain what boom bap is. Royce continued to deny the genre. I grew angry. 2 of the most lyrically dudes cant figure it out. WTF!!! Lupe then says well Redman is BoomBap amongst ATCQ, Group Home, and even a Reasonable Doubt Jay Z. Royce still didnt want to where the BoomBap. He gets Premo on the line, and Premo explains how the term came to be thru KRS-1 in the early 90’s. Premo than says, well the album we have together as Pryhme is mos definitely a BoomBap album. Royce finally says ok well I guess Im a BoomBap rapper, thankfully so. Still this is a problem for me. It took to much to explain and accept in my mind for 2 dudes who are as lyrical as they are. How and why are you this good at rapping but cant accept or understand the tribes in our “culture”?

Very BoomBapp album
Some of the illest hiphop in recent yrs. Big ups

I still love Royce da 5’9 as I have, whole time nonetheless. His feature on Tobe’s Father Figure is where I hold him overall in my mind. The lyrical greatness plus the growth of the content has truly expanded. He said so much in a Cucci hat, a play on Gucci brand. The whole verse is so dope. Thank u my brotha.BLUE NOTE


My Favorite Valentine and I took a blue trane wit Thelonious beyond limits

and arrived in a moments notice in another dimension

where me and the ghetto lights dialogue round midnight

Valentine wanted to spend a night in Tunisia, alone together so she could share her JuJu

I took a MoonTrane back to meet her egg


this clip is 85.important year for me. VSOP, Jackie McClean and Woody Shaw, to McCoy Tyner and Art Blakey. Stanley Jordan is supa killing Amazing set!

Where would I be? Who and how would I be without you? Im talking to BlueNote. What better color to give a note, hmmm, maybe green lol. You were my first blunt and my only private jet to the land of ecstasy. From there aesthetic to the deep musicality, there movement was heaven sent and evident. - O.Bey
even in red, the note is still blue
one of my first loves

Founded in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Frances Wolf. These 2 mots definitely helped to modernize Jazz. The gumbo of the blues, traditional swing, and bebop to hard-bop, was cooked and served on a sliver plater @BlueNote. There curation of black art is commendable.

Thanks guys

My favorite albums in no order are:

Eric Dolphy/ Outward Bound

Freddie Hubbard/ Goin Up

Herbie Hancock/ Maiden Voyage

John Coltrane/ Blue Train

Larry Young/ Unity

Madlib/ Shades of Blue

Wayne Shorter/ Speak no Evil

Raf Simons

Reminds me of Ninja Turtle Rapheal, or Rapheal Saddiq. Or the sneaks I saw Asap and Solange rock on the same day. I always had a different image of what he’d look like, but he looks exactly like he should. His name made me look into his art, not the other way around.

good Doc

I watched the documentary ” Dior and I”. This doc highlights his collab collection with the famous label Christian Dior, while pen pointing Raph’s unique style of working and process to create his vision. I really enjoyed hearing about the history of the Dior house, and hearing all the semtress share there love for the label and personal history with this famous company.

find the answers in the process

Thank u for ya passion and eye Raph. No pitiable energy allowed in the work space. Me and Koko might have to Donny our stylist attributes and GO.


My name is Omari Bey from my parents. I grew up Afrohoodmuslim/ hippy retro kid. I gravitated to the Supreme, Diamond Company, Stussy, and of course OBEY, amongst all the other skater labels. My friends and family would buy me OBEY. One day my friend said thats you, your the real O.BEY. Worrdddd! I was so calmly excited, that I didnt even take it serious and I still really haven’t. My girlfriend suggested I take pics and develop a portfolio with me rocking OBEY gear. Its kind of a must, especially after watching this doc. Everything that moved Fairey to take Andre the giant, and sample/ recreate the image to tell another story is who I am as a person. I collect things, see it my way , and revamp it to create a whole new idea. No idea is original. I mean my name is OBEY in real life. So…..I hope to meet Shepard one day in a real way. Maybe Ill get sponsored and have a lifetime of OBEY clothes to put on my body.

I called Nielah Asap. Combine my quotes and phrases with your imagery, and we prolly can take this concept of the poster even further.

Shepard Fairey, what a guy

Classic image

I really gotta model his shit based off my name and authentic style. Inshallah!

good denim

gotta corduroy the lid

Navy blue, wit some good red…sound like blue weed and red wine, or bluenote records, even in the red

I love OBEY brand. I am the most authentic poster child Id say. I am O.Bey

Who is Norman Rockwell ?

scarf under the collar

This famous illustrator is one of the most important when it comes to popular appeal in the United States. I still wear Rockport clothing brand, and one of of my closest friends name is Norman. Maybe why this guy pops up in my energy. Maybe its the pipe he smokes out of, reminding me of my high school band director. Maybe its the scarf under the collar of the jean shirt wit stone buttons… maybe its the focus in his focus.

I feel it, dont have to like it.

His style stood out. It felt like texture. Lots of real tone and energy. The woman in the photo looking at the viewing artist, has some depth. Is he beaming in on her pearls? is that a metaphor in itself? I wonder is her picture in response to this guy watching her? Was the image in a museum before he came, the same or was she looking ahead, and came to life once he arrived to watch him back? No way, but still lol. The way Mr. Rockwell did his jacket is ill detail. Even the paint splashes on the easel has vibrancy.

feels like I saw this painting before…

Whats happening here? His jacket being zipped to that point and creating the slight fold at the bottom, to the texture of the suede actually popping off the image is what does it with his work for me. The men looking at the standing man, made me see that they all look alike in a pretty solid way too. I feel like I want to name this piece ” White Bread”.

this is the piece that made me include Norman in my ARTology

Did I see this on the Cosby Show before?

The only face we see here is the young girls, and from a side profile. Is she coming from school and going to …jail? or where? The dirt on her shoes, the ruler and books under her arm, the folded socks, her posture and face expression, of course her plaits, the bow in hair and dress, etc all tell a particular story. Why didnt he show the faces of the US marshals? why the yellow tape around there arms? The blood on the wall made this piece amazing. Splattered. Is that a rose on the concrete? Why are her legs complexion more red than her face sorta? I love how all the white men have the same shoes on, its symbolic to me..they all wear a suit and the same shoes, representing taking the same steps physically and energetically. All five figures seem to be going to the same place, with a similar pep in there walk, but for different reasons. How do I feel movement in a still picture? The blood looks felt by Norman Rockwell. Where did it come from? who’s body? The blood closest to her looks like a heart shape. There is the word Nigger written on the wall under and beside the blood. And we see it signed across the bottom by yours truly, Norman Rockwell.