*John Gillmore, was known as the lead tenor player for the Sun Ra Arkestra for decades.


“ The Hungry Brain”( I jus like the slogan)

  • Traning In– By John Coltraneimgres-2.jpg

imgres-1.jpg  *You don’t have to be fearless to do anything, you can be scared out your mind. I fear that I wont get better. I fear that I wont have time to practice the way I want to practice. To be called a jazz musician is a big responsibility. I just don’t want to get stuck. Anything you do, somebody is going to say something. Fuck that. You have to do it, because its who you fucking are and you didn’t sign any contract that said “ I promise to forever be exactly like A B C D E F and G, yours truly signed me. Our Job is to take those nuggets all the way. And as long as you do that, you’re fine, as long as you don’t wimp out nine tenths of the way there, then your golden- Esperanza Spalding

my type of jawn



Artist are the historians whose knowledge border on the psychotic.imgres.jpg

…….like the white wall space on the gallery wall that makes an object ART.




Radio Host to Know:

*Phil Schaap (host@ Columbia University WECR, since 1981)

He is famous for, among other things, “Bird Flight”, a program dedicated to the music of Charlie Parker.

*Arturo Gomez (host@ KUVO Denver’s “ Lunchtime@ the Oasis”)

-Jazz is my favorite 4 letter word and the world’s greatest art form.

*Michael Bourne (host@ WBGO Afternoon Jazz since 1984)

A Newark, NJ radio show

*Bruce Oscar (host@ WDCB Chicago, “The Swing Shift”)

Known for the jazz calendar, which was a beautifully performed reading of local show listings. Bruce was also a dope jazz pianist


*Sheila Jordan and the Royal Bopsters(vocalist)-All I want to be is a messenger of the music.


Basquiat fallen_angel-orig.jpg

FALLEN ANGEL– Turquoise, red, and yellow create a good energy for me, whether its clothing or to decorate my kitchen. This image stood out to me before i knew the title. The different feet, the difference in the wings, is all symbolic to my thought process. An angel in the midst of the world. Discombobulated greatness is something I relate to more than a little bit. The angel doesn’t look up to using his wings but has not forgot how to apply. He  needs to restore his right arm to b able to move properly. His crown is a gift from the sun. Urban God’s Son.