1FYYYVeC_400x400.jpg  Ima keep it light.

I fucked witem tho; the way u posed to fuck wit somebody tru, like beyond the raps. The first song that came on my playlist entitled “My Favorite”, hr after I heard about his death, “Diablo” comes on thru the speakers.

Come in Die with me, he says….WOW! save the coffin spaces….

the hook alone mane, I heard it and felt this deeply.


peep the lyrics, he says it all, especially in 2nd verse

Very few from “the new era”( wateva that is) can get respect from JadaKIss, and Sean Price, Arianna Grande, and MeekMill. He was a class act. He didnt jus love to rap, he lovveedd music. Im sure his loveones will miss him. I will continue to play your music and represent your love in the physical.

You did ya thing. Be Proud, Music Loves You

rest easy.